A week in Twitter – HMV, The Superbowl and a little known football club

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4th February 2013
A week in Twitter – HMV, The Superbowl and a little known football club

Twitter is always a minefield of content for blog articles but last week was particularly special. Firstly there was the “Mass Execution” of HMV

HMV Twitter Scandel

employees played out live for all to see, then the football player who was turned away on transfer deadline day with his tail between his legs and lastly there was a fantastic example of why real time marketing is becoming so important.

Lets start with the situation at HMV. It surrounded the rather sad news of people getting made redundant; 60 HR staff to be exact. In a flurry of activity they (well one person) took to twitter, on the corporate account and provided a running commentary about what was going on. Before it got shut down there were a few priceless tweets which just show the power of why Social Media Management and Crisis Management need to be taken very very seriously.

One of the most talked about posts was while referencing their Marketing Director who wasn’t particularly aware of how Twitter worked or rather didn’t have access to the account. This is another obvious reason to have a strategy. Someone should assume control of the Twitter accounts centrally so that access can be distributed or cut back when needed. 

HMV Twitter Scandel 1

You will notice the use of the Hashtag to help people reference what was going on (#hmvXFactorFiring). A classic example of  how to use Twitter affectively. Find out how we can help you with Crisis Management (and Social Media Monitoring) to keep you in control of your business here

There was then the fantastic football spectacle of Transfer Deadline Day which always creates a wave of Twitter chatter and this year was no Odemwingie and the Superbowldifferent; this year it was less about the clubs and more about one individual; Peter Odemwingie. So desperate was he (and so confused evidentally) that he drove from the West Country by himself (not usual) to London to supposedly sign up for Queens Park Rangers – it is not often that I get to talk about my own team but I couldn’t miss this.

As a result of him being turned away from the doors at QPR (West Brom had not given permission for him to speak to QPR) it resulting in a rather humiliating moment for Odemwingie having recently given an interview to Sky Sports as he arrived at QPR’s home ground – along the lines of how pleased he was to sign for QPR. Obviously the Twitter world ignited using the Hashtag #odemwingie and it was the talk of transfer day. I am not sure how Odemwingie will recover having to go back to West Brom with his tail between his legs but we shall see.

In both cases I have mentioned above it just demonstrates the power of the Hashtag helping people reference stories as they are breaking. A very useful marketing practice. I will finish this week with another story from Twitter which happened during the Superbowl yesterday and has resulted in some of the best media attention for a while.  An interesting site I have mentioned previously is Ritetag which is in Beta mode at the moment – it lets you find relevant Hashtags and should be looked at.

There there was Oreo, makers of fantastic cookies, who tweeted during the blackout at The Superbowl which lasted 33 minutes. An estimated 120 million were watching the Superbowl and advertising can cost upwards of $3.7 million for one advertising segment. It was a tweet with the image below which has caused the sensation however and it cost virtually nothing.

Oreo's and the Superbowl

To date it has had nearly 15,000 RTs and has been fantastic for the Oreo brand. It also shows the power of good real time marketing. It caught everyone’s imagination and was perfectly apt. Well done Oreo and I suspect someone, somewhere is getting a good pat on the back for that moment of imagination and design – all done in 33 minutes…….

A fantastic way to end an overview of Twitter this week.

A week in Twitter – HMV, The Superbowl and a little known football club


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