8 ways to be a Twitter trooper

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2nd June 2014
8 ways to be a Twitter trooper

Twitter is an art and one that needs mastering. This is particularly true if you want toTwitter use it to utilise the potential of your business. There are ways you can improve your Twitter usage and make small strides in making your use of this social network a worthwhile enterprise.

#1 – Keep 5-10 trusty tweeters close to your chest as those you want to establish a relationship with and use for inspiration. You should do this by spending time re-tweeting them daily so that your followers can also enjoy their words of wisdom. Make sure you re-tweet people who are relevant to your audience.

#2 – Compile a list of connections from the media. This is useful because journalists and influential bloggers often use Twitter to communicate about a latest story. Thus, keeping abreast of their questions or queries about a recent article of theirs means you can respond instantly with an answer and possibly be influential in their work.

#3 – Asking questions in tweets is an invaluable exercise. It’s by far the simplest and most effective way to engage an audience and encourages feedback. Simple questions are best, experiment with what gains the most feedback and repeat successful tweets.

#4 – Quotes quotes and more quotes! People love quotes, somehow they just go mad for them. They make people stop and think and provide inspiration. This is the reason why they are the most re-tweeted tweets of all.

#5 – Leave your Twitter comfort zone. Don’t always tweet the same people, try communicating with those you don’t know and see where it leads you and what new connections you gain from it.

#6 – Chit-chat, anecdotes, ditties, funny observations – they may not be strictly business led, but then not everything on Twitter has to be. Twitter is a social network after all and should be treated as such. Small talk is vital for engaging people and building relationships and importantly about portraying yourself as a real person and not just a computer.

#7 – You may be more of a wordsmith than you think, think about soundbites and one-liners you use with clients, in blog posts and presentations and incorporate them into tweets. You sound more clued up and experienced than you think and it will show in your tweets. Go for it!

#8 – Sell yourself and your company – but be subtle. Give gentle hints about what you do, what you’re up to, and forthcoming exciting business prospects in a way that makes people interested and want to listen.

8 ways to be a Twitter trooper


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