5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 29th March 2016

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29th March 2016

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Hi guys hope you had a great Easter weekend! This is our last 5:5 of the month and as usual we have put together the latest news in the digital marketing world especially for you! Today we will be looking at an array of digital marketing news stories from Periscope hits 200 million live video broadcasts to Google brings Pinterest-like Search feature to desktops.


Periscope Hits 200 Million Live Video Broadcasts

Periscope Hits 200 Million Live Video Broadcasts


Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app, celebrated its one-year anniversary on Saturday, reporting it had reached more than 200 million live broadcasts. (Marketing Land, March 2016)

According to company team members, more than 110 years of live video is watched daily iOS and Android devices.

You may remember (yes it is hard to believe that Periscope has been around for a year – where has the time gone?) that Twitter purchased the video app in January last year and was available as a Beta. By March it was officially launched. If you want to take a look back at Periscope in its infancy check out our Mid Week Marketing Mix – James chats to Mike Allton (the author of The Unofficial Book On Hootsuite) about the video app, which you can watch here.

The video streaming app has over ten million active users and with video dominating it looks like this figure will continue to grow. Are you an avid Periscope user? If so, how have you found the app so far?


Snapchat Has Reportedly Bought Bitmoji Maker Bitstrips For More Than $100m

Snapchat aquires Bitmoji


Snapchat has acquired the Bitmoji app as it steps up Facebook competition according to many sources.

So what is Bitstrips? Bitstrips is a cartoon emoji app that allows users to create an avatar of themselves and them send them via an in app keyboard. Created in 2007 Bitstrips had raised $11m from investors, according to the Wall Street Journal. (The Drum, March 2016)

The reported acquisition could be an addition to the app’s array of filters and looks to compete with Facebook’s recent buy out of MSQRD – if you don’t know already, an app that allows users to swap faces with people or objects, a feature that is also used by Snapchat.


Will Facebook Instant Articles Affect SEO?

Facebook Instant Articles

A question I recently thought about with all this talk about Facebook Instant Articles (which is released on the 12th April – if you are interested in Instant Articles click here) and Search Engine Journal’s Aleh Barysevich poses this very question.

Aleh mentions in his article that Facebook Instant Articles could affect every publisher’s website SEO, ultimately for the better. Anyone who knows the basics of the art of SEO is that it comes to trust and authority. Therefore, publishers will have to get serious about their content and publish more. The approach of having a few articles a month will not cut it as a minimum of 50 articles is required just to get approved.

As you’ve probably guessed it, it also comes down to keyword optimisation in every Instant Article that is published. Moreover, the more articles and authority created will lead to organic traffic.

Content formatting will also be key, Facebook will be acting like Google and will be looking for those H1 and H2 headers as well as image and video captions, author attribution, and related article links for Instant Articles.

Another important factor that Aleh mentions is to start to modify website’s HTML code and RSS feed, this may sound like an arduous task, especially if you’re not a big fan of code (if you know someone is – get them involved!). Publishers will have to update their website’s coding to reflect the HTML markup language to identify specific features within their content for Facebook Instant Articles – as stated and show by Aleh here.

If you are interested in Facebook Instant Articles it’s worth preparing now and I recommend bookmarking Aleh’s article for future reference.


Signs Of A Google Update – Has The Penguin Been Let Loose?

Google Updates


Recently quite a lot of people from the SEO community have talked about witnessing signs of a Google update. Some have stated that they have seen some strange activity in SERPS – with a host of non-relevant site domains appearing such as .ru and.fr for example. Even a lot of SEO specialists are stumped as seen below in the embedded tweet.


As Barry Schwartz mentions in his article for Search Engine Roundtable this is all very early, so it is hard to say if something is 100% going on. We know that Google keeps its card to its chest so another Penguin update COULD be on the loose – only time will tell if and when an update is rolled out.

Image Source : Search Engine Roundtable


Google Brings Its Pinterest-Like Search Feature To Desktops

Google Image Search Update

Continuing with Google – Late last year, Google introduced a new feature to its image search on mobile browsers. In essence, it worked pretty much like Pinterest, allowing users to “pin”, (technically “star” in Google-ese) to save it for later browsing. (Slash Gear, March 2016)

The search engine giant is finally making the feature available on desktop and this with this new search feature, you really don’t need anything else other than your browser. Users can organise photos by tags, making searching and retrieval much smoother. Naturally, images you star on the desktop are accessible even when you’re on mobile, and vice versa. It does require that you’re logged into your Google account as Slash Gear mentions.

The new image search feature is available only in The States, currently there has been no word yet on when it will spread to other Google users around the globe.

Image Source : Slash Gear



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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 29th March 2016

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