5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 26th October 2015

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26th October 2015


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Good evening everyone and welcome to this week’s 5:5 digital marketing news stories, today we look at an array of stories from 100,000 RBS workers sign up for Facebook for work to Twitter now enables vine profile integration. As we always say here at The Digital Marketing Bureau, there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing!


Facebook announces its biggest customer for Facebook At Work : 100k Workers At The Royal Bank Of Scotland RBS FACEOOK AT WORK

It was recently announced that RBS (The Royal Bank Of Scotland) will be Facebook At Work’s biggest customer with 30,000 workers on the platform by March next year and its entire workforce of 100,000 using Facebook’s work social site by the end of next year.

The deal signals a new phase for Facebook at Work. It demonstrates Facebook’s ambitions to scale this B2B service just as it has its consumer product (which now has 1.5 billion monthly active users on desktop, 1.3 billion on mobile). (Tech Crunch, October 2015).

Julien Codorniou the director of global platform partnerships at Facebook here in the UK says there are now around 300 businesses using Facebook’s enterprise version.

The 300 businesses who are interested in Facebook At Work include some global names such as Heineken (their U.S. branch are already trialling it), in addition, real estate firm Century 21 are also on the platform.

At present the social media giant is not charging companies as they are still beta testing the product, however, Facebook will eventually plan to charge companies in the future.

Interested in Facebook At Work? Check out the guys at Tech Crunch’s opinions on the platform below.


Image Source : Tech Crunch


Pinterest and Instagram Dominate Mobile Search

Pinterest Instagram dominate

According to a recent poll which was conducted by Pew Research, the proportion of online adults who use the pinning site and photo sharing app has doubled since the research company originally started their research back in 2012. The stats show that 31 percent of adults are on Pinterest (up from 15 percent in 2012); in contrast, Instagram is up to 28 percent (up from 12 per cent in 2012). (Stats taken from Adweek)

As you’ve probably guessed, Facebook is still in the lead with 72 percent of adults using the platform according to Pew Research. However, in their research, the number of users plateaued. One factor seems to be down to mobile user experience across various social platforms.

So why are Pinterest and Instagram great on mobile? Starting with Pinterest, the pinning site or pinning app in this case makes it easy to find your favourite recipe of gift idea in less than two minutes. The boards and newsfeed are visually stunning to look at which is another reason users keep coming back to check on the last pin they can add to their boards. Similar to Instagram it gives the user what they want – a user follows a particular board and hey presto similar suggestions appear for a user to continue to add more content to their boards.

Moving onto Instagram, as we know visuals work – just take a look at the stunning images that appear in your newsfeed! In addition, hashtag searching helps the user find what they are looking for in seconds. You also get what you want, for example, with Facebook, the social site decides what content to show, whereas on Instagram you are in control by the people you follow and see you all of their posts.

It’s fair to say that Facebook still has a long way to go with its mobile user experience, it will be definitely be interesting to see how Moneypenny works in the future. Do you use Pinterest and Instagram more than the Facebook app?


Image Source : Jean Coutu


Bing Is Now Profitable Thanks To Windows 10 Success


Bing is now profitable

ComScore revealed that Bing’s U.S. market share is at 20.7 percent. Microsoft have reported that “search advertising revenue excluding traffic acquisition costs grew 29 percent in constant currency with Bing US market share benefiting from Windows 10 usage.” (Search Engine Land, October 2015).

Company CEO Satya Nadella mentioned that Microsoft saw roughly a billion dollars in search ad revenue for the quarter and that Windows users have asked Cortana over a billion queries.

The fact that Bing is heavily integrated with Windows 10 has definitely helped, as the current operating system has been the most popular recent update.


Image Source : Mashable


Dulux Pushes AR App To The Centre Of Its E-commerce Plans Dulux Augmented Reality

Dulux’s augmented reality app has been in play since last year and the latest updates are being tipped as the start of a conscious attempt to adapt to how decorators – both amateur and professional – are using their mobile devices to help them create the best homes; whether it’s sharing photos of rooms to using virtual scrapbooks according to The Drum.

A key new feature for the app is the ability to synch up a user’s virtual scrapbook on the Dulux site. For example, if someone adds a certain to colour to their virtual scrapbook they can use the same login details to test and to also access the colour from their mobile device. Another awesome feature allows users to colour in their photos with paints so that they don’t have to be standing in the room they want to decorate to use the app. (This is something we would love to try ourselves!)

The Dulux app is currently available in 4o countries (28 of them have had app updates in the last month).


Image Source : The Drum


Twitter now enables vine profile integration


The latest integration will help Vine users gain leverage on Twitter and might also encourage users without a Twitter account to sign up.

For those who might be tempted to opt in and join the micro-blogging site will now have their total Vine video loops displayed below the number of Twitter followers they have.

Daniel Baneman a software developer at Vine who is currently working on the crossover mentioned that “As people make great Vines that others love and want to watch, those creators get more and more loops. By surfacing that number to the world, anyone can quickly get a sense of that creator and the impact of their Vines.” (The Drum, October 2015).

The new feature is available to all iOS users, Android users will have to wait for the update.

As expected, this update comes as new Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey looks to tighten the company’s future and try to please those on Wall Street.


Image Source : Weplay

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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 26th October 2015


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