5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 21st September 2015

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21st September 2015

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In today’s 5:5 as usual we are covering an array of stories from Google dropping Google+ links and reviews in search to Twitter going HTTPS from the 1st of October. Once again, it has been another fascinating week in the world of digital marketing


Google Drops Google+ Links and Reviews in Search

Google drops Google Plus Links


Last week it was revealed that Google has dropped Google Plus links and reviews in its search results.

Bradley Horowitz (Google’s vice president of streams, photos, and sharing) wrote in a blog post that “People have told us that accessing all of their Google stuff with one account makes life a whole lot easier. But we’ve also heard that it doesn’t make sense for your Google+ profile to be your identity for all the other Google products you use.” (Search Engine Watch, September 2015).

So should Google Plus fans like myself be worried? According to Amir Zonozi (chief strategy officer at Zoomph), recently mentioned that if Google were to pull the plug on Google Plus – why don’t they just get rid of it? He thinks that Google are still looking at ways of repurposing the product.

Zonozi in my opinion does make a valid point and stated that “Remember Google Buzz and Google Wave? I don’t think it’s that category yet, Google took them to slaughter, but it seems like with Google+, they’re still giving it a chance. It sees some sort of active audience, so it doesn’t want to close the doors just yet.” (Search Engine Watch, September 2015).

Do you think Google Plus is on its last legs? Or do you feel there is more to come for Google’s social network?


Data Is The Next Big Thing in Content Marketing according to Harvard Business Review

Data Content Marketing Harvard Business Review


As we know in digital marketing, conventional advertising has diminished since the introduction of social media which has resulted in brands getting more involved in content marketing. Nowadays it is the norm for brands to been seen as publishers, creating blog posts, podcasts, white papers, etc.

As Harvard Business Review mention in their recent article on data that even though these brands are seen as creators on content, they are missing the bigger picture,  which is data.

For all the value data can provide, believe or not, it is still an under-used part of the marketer’s tool box as the Harvard Business Review describe. They report that many companies out there execute this part of their marketing quite poorly, there’s a huge opportunity out there for companies to stand out from all the “digital noise” out there from studying quantitative data and turning it into an interesting piece of content.

If you would like to read more on Harvard Business Review’s article click here (if you’re a student studying for a marketing degree we recommend reading their articles).

(Image Source : Harvard Business Review)


Using a Reddit AMA

How to use a Reddit AMA

I recently saw a post from The Next Web on “How to master a Reddit AMA” and thought this would be suitable for a 5:5 story even though it isn’t really a latest news item per se.

Reddit is celebrating ten years this year and since its launch back in 2005 has become one of the most social platforms on the web.

If you are not really familiar with Reddit, one of the post popular places for people to engage is on r/AMA (Ask Me Anything). This community allows users to interact with the posted host through a question and answer session.

From a marketing perspective this Subreddit is great for engagement and it really gives the consumer what they are looking for. But how and why? End of the day it is about trust and authority and a study from last year on brand authenticity found out that the no.1 trait that behaviour consumers want is to communicate in an honest way about brands and services.

What I found particularly interesting from The Next Web article is that it mentions that the top AMAs were from authoritative sources, from a marketing point of view this is great because consumers are responsive to brands that have founded themselves as a go-to information source. For more on this interesting topic and why you should use Ask Me Anything click here.

(Image Source : RT)



Bing Embraces the Rugby World Cup

Bing Rugby World Cup

Are you getting into the Rugby World Cup? For once, don’t Google it – Bing it!

Bing will give you the latest scores, line-ups; simply search “Rugby World Cup” (click on the anchor text it will direct you to that very search term). You can also find out the fixtures and current standings as well as seeing Bing’s very own rugby predictions.

Who are you supporting at this year’s World Cup? Will you be using Bing more over Google during the tournament?

(Image Source : Search Engine Land)


Twitter Going HTTPS on the 1st of October for new links

Twitter going HTTPS

Last Friday it was revealed that Twitter is the latest site to go HTTPS, however, the micro-blogging platform is taking a different approach.

According to Search Engine Journal, Reddit and Wikipedia  have gone HTTPS site-wide, Twitter however, have are only utilising HTTPS on outbound links.

So what does this mean exactly? If you share a link on Twitter after the 1st of October it will be wrapped in ““https://t.co”. The purpose of this is for Twitter to securely send visitors to the intended place, even if you have not used a link that contains “HTTPS”.

It is worth noting that this will increase the URL length and you will only have one character to work with when a tweet includes a link.



What are your thoughts?

Which of our stories today have interested you the most? Feel free to comment via our Google Plus and Facebook pages, we always love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the latest digital marketing news.

5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 21st September 2015


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