5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 21st December 2015

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22nd December 2015


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Hi guys and welcome to our last Monday 5:5 Digital Marketing News edition. As usual we look at an array of stories from the biggest SEO lessons we have learnt in 2015 to looking at the top searches of the year in Russia. This year has definitely shown us that once again there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing! We’re looking forward to 2016 already!


The Biggest SEO Lessons We  Have Learnt In 2015

SEO 2015

As we look to 2016, it’s fair say to that this year has been an exciting and insightful twelve months in the world of SEO. There wasn’t many “game changes” as we have seen in previous years with the likes of the Panda and Penguin updates. However, this doesn’t mean that SEO has become a static concept. New technologies and new strategies have shaped SEO even more and this is something that many analysts have mentioned that this will continue into 2016.

So what have SEOs learnt from this year?


1. Google remains a tough cookie. If you look at end-year reports from 2014, 2013, all the way back to the early- to mid-2000s, the major influencing force in “what we learned in SEO” was Google. (Forbes, December 2015) As we all know Google is the heavyweight champion when it comes to search and is responsible for implementing industry standards and new features. Remember to play by their rules, if not the ramifications could be costly (as many have seen with previous Panda and Penguin algorithms).


2. Mobile is still important. Cast your minds back to May when Google launched or what was dubbed as “Mobilegeddon” with many people at the last minute adjusting their site so it was mobile-friendly in order to avoid a penalty from the search engine giant. Mobile has even take a step further this year when Google announced that having a dedicated desktop version of your site isn’t necessary as long as your site displays mobile in the right way. Another factor regarding mobile as Forbes’ Jayson DeMers points out is that  “Google is shifting its desktop search results pages to look more like mobile results (like its local 3-pack update earlier this year), and it’s not hard to see that mobile optimization is still growing in importance.” (Forbes, December 2015)


3. Content is starting to be indexed on new platforms. Back in Spring this year Google and Twitter  signed a deal to index tweets into search (we wrote a brief post about this in June which you can read here.) In addition, Facebook is now offering Instant Articles to a selection of publishers, which draws the  attention away from using  onsite-hosted content and towards using in-app content (similar to what you can do on Linkedin).


There’s obviously a lot more that SEOs have learnt from 2015 but these three factors were the ones that have stuck out the most from this year for me. What other factors would you have included?

Image Source: 99CentArticles


Pioneers of Digital Marketing in 2015

wearables digital marketing 2015

Sticking with a ‘2015’ theme, this year has definitely been an interesting year in terms of the advancement of digital marketing. Below are some of the technologies that are making a push in the digital marketing world.


Wearable devices and the Internet of Things

Wearable tech is catching up with the mobile devices, with a little bit of help from the Internet of Things, modern day and future devices will all be connected to the internet from home appliances to work based equipment.


Visual Ad platforms

In marketing we know visuals work full stop and the likes of Pinterest and Instagram and with Christmas literally just days away, these visually-driven platforms are gaining a large number of clients to promote on these platforms, hence it come in great benefit this year end.


Machine learning for Digital Marketing

Machine learning has really taken off this year and has been used in an extraordinary way to understand the countless number of tweets and Facebook posts for example. This year we saw Twitter acquire machine learning start-up Whetlab and Facebook using machine learning for Facebook Moments. This will be on technology that will continue to thrive in 2016.


Just like in the SEO example, there are definitely more examples that can be applied here, what your top digital marketing pioneers of 2015?


Image source : Silicon India


Avocados and Camel Coats are the most pinned items on Pinterest in 2015


According to The Evening Standard, more than half a million food ideas are Pinned in the UK each day. With the pinning platform being surrounded by foodies it’s no surprise that a food based pin tops one of the most pinned items of the year. Avocados have been the must have food to pin and try out recipes with, in second place UK pinners have been pinning hotpot images and recipes (for this time of year we can see why!).

Camel coats were also a popular pin for UK female fashionistas. Also, Tom Hardy appears to be the UK’s choice for male style icon this year and it turns out Amsterdam is our favourite destination to pin, domestic destinations such as Cornwall were also popular.

What things have you been pinning in the past year?


What does Facebook Pixel mean for Marketing?

Facebook Pixels

Earlier this year Facebook launched Facebook Pixel (A smart Facebook tool that allows you to track, report on customer activity and then re-target advertising to the customer’s Facebook feed). This powerful tool effectively combines the Conversion Pixel and the Custom Audience Pixel together.

So how does it work? Facebook Pixel allows you to choose parameters you would like to track, the target audience as well as detailed information of your customer’s activity on your website, then uses the information to targeted advertising to them (The customer) based on which part of the customer acquisition cycle they’ve dropped out from. (MemeBurn, December 2015).

In a nutshell, this means that marketers can now observe customer behaviour on their clients’ sites and use that information to analytics (to understand their customer base, buying needs, product behaviour, etc.) The pixel therefore allows for more accuracy when it comes to data driven data and insights and is great for customer retention, the usage for pixels will definitely increase in 2016 and should be part of your marketing arsenal. From reading other people’s experiences of using the Facebook Pixel, it is definitely a game changer. If you’ve never used them before check out this video tutorial.

Image Source : The Guardian


What did Russians search for on the internet in 2015?

Russian Top Searches in 2015

I thought I would leave you with something different (it wouldn’t be a 5:5 without having an alternative story!) and look at Russian searches of the year.

Russia’s leading internet search engine Yandex has presented its traditional ranking of the most popular searches in the past year. (Russia Beyond The Headlines, December 2015).

In Russia the most popular search topic was the Russian plane crash in Egypt on Oct. 31 that killed 224 people, with the war in Syria and ISIS in second place. The third most searched news item was the 70th anniversary WWII victory parade on May 9.

Yandex users were also interested in Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov who was murdered in February, Kazakh born musician Batyrkhan Shukenov,who passed away in April, popular singer and actress Zhanna Friske, who died in June, Russia’s Eurovision candidate Polina Gagarina and Anna Duritskaya (who was with Boris Nemtsov on the evening of his murder).

If you have an interest in Search and Russia we recommend reading Russian Search Marketing.


What Are Your Thoughts?

Which story interested you the most in today’s 5:5 digital marketing news round-up? Feel free to comment via our Facebook and Google Plus pages. Alternatively, if you prefer to tweet us, feel free to to tweet James, Mark, and myself (David Dhannoo).

5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 21st December 2015


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