5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 20th October 2015

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20th October 2015


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Hi guys and welcome to another edition of our 5:5 digital marketing news stories round-up. Today we look an array of stories from how a fashion brand drives 20% of online revenue from posting on Reddit to Cuba embracing new Wi-Fi hotspots. It has once again been another fascinating week in the world of digital marketing!


How a fashion brand drives 20% of online revenue from posting on Reddit

fashion brand reddit

As you may or may not know, Reddit is definitely a challenging place to market your brand.

It has been known that many Redditors despise companies posting their links in Subreddits and have banned for promoting themselves on there.

The question is… do you still do it? I would personally look at the number of users on the site, Reddit have claimed that they have 200 million monthly users – so surely with that number there are individuals you can target right?

Fashion brand Uniqlo decided to give their marketing a go on Reddit back in 2012 – and as a result from posting a few links on there, the company page crashed due to the high volumes of traffic.

As a result of this, the e-commerce manager Arielle Dyda started to post regularly, they soon noticed that 20 percent  of its total online sales came from Reddit.

So what’s the secret? I would say that potential consumers liked talking to a brand that was “human”, Arielle would post using her own Reddit login and deal with customer enquiries, she also invites Redditors to store locations and has set up meetups.


What do you think of promoting a brand on Reddit? Is this something that you would use as an alternative to conventional platforms?


Image Source : Home Free Music


Facebook Announces It Will Beam The Internet To Millions of People in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2016

Facebook Africa


Facebook has revealed that it has team up with French company Eutelsat to put a satellite in orbit and beam the internet to millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa by 2016. (The Guardian, October 2015).

The concept as Mark Zuckerberg recently wrote in a Facebook post that the project is about “Connectivity changes lives and communities.”

As we all know information matters, and connecting this particular part of the globe really helps these people change their lives from using the internet as a tool for education or whether it is by staying touch with one another.

In contrast, it is very well giving free internet, but recent a recent case Myanmar where people started using Facebook and the ramifications led to inter-ethic hatred spread on the social media giant. In my opinion, a lot of responsibility, education, and building something transparent are really key here.


Image Source : The Guardian


Instagram Introduces An Account For Sharing Tips And Business Case Studies

Instagram launches account for tips business case studies


The photo sharing app has set up a new official account @InstagramForBusiness. The company has mentioned that business has been an integral part of Instagram since day one, with many more about to join following the launch of Instagram Ads.

The business community in all capacities—from major brands, to small businesses and creative agencies—has been an important part of Instagram since the beginning. Today, we’re introducing the new @instagramforbusiness as a place to celebrate and inspire with unique stories from our business community. On this account, we’ll highlight the work major brands, small business and creative agencies are doing on the platform. And share stories from all different kinds of businesses in all four corners of the world. To kick it off, we’d like to spotlight global brands—one of which pioneered the way for companies to share incredibly engaging content that’s authentic to their brand. Every mouthwatering photo @benandjerrys shares embodies an aspect of their values—whether it’s their commitment to the environment, their stance on social and economical issues, or the high quality ingredients that make their ice cream so good. Since joining in 2011, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry’s @mhayes says it’s their community that makes Ben & Jerry’s so successful on Instagram. “For us, it’s all about our amazing fans and being able to connect with them and celebrate what we’re made of. That’s everything from our generous chunks and swirls, to our commitment to ethical sourcing. In addition, we try everyday to love our fans more then they love us.”

A video posted by Express Your Business’ Story (@instagramforbusiness) on

Above : Instagram For Business’ first post featuring Ben and Jerry’s


Their second post features Chicago florist Flowers for Dreams which you can view here.


Image Source : Search Engine Journal


Google Invests in Mobvoi Google Mobvoi

Search Giant Google has significantly invested in Beijing start-up Mobvoi that has developed Chinese language voice recognition and search technology for mobile devices.

Mobvoi mentioned that the funding from Google will enable the company to enhance its artificial intelligence technologies and to explore robotic technologies.

Hardware companies in China have started to gain a high reputation for making cutting-edge technology. Mobvoi, whose Chinese name is Chumenwenwen, produces its own wearable devices, notably a smart watch that uses its own operating system and has a months-long backlog on orders. (Financial Times. October, 2015).

Their voice search function will target travel and local based services, they also aim in the future to move on to robots and cars with the help of Google.

Image Source : TechCrunch

Wi-Fi Revolution in Cuba Cuba Wifi

I recently stumbled across this news item and thought it would make a good 5:5 story, especially for those who love all things linked to the internet, marketing, and a mojito!

Back in July the Cuban government began rolling out 35 new and improved Wi-Fi hot spots. In a recent article, a journalist describes about the Plaza neighbourhood,if you visit the local park you will many local with mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. You can tell the revolution has gone digital!

Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez calls the new hotspots as a “social phenomenon” and many have stated that communication between families has improve even though those 35 hotspots have dramatically helped.

Although some companies from The States (including Google) seem very eager to help Cuba become more advanced with internet based technology, the government has remained quiet on how much help it wants from America.

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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 20th October 2015


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