5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 15th January 2016

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15th January 2016


Digital Marketing News Stories

This week  we look at how Twitter’s Periscopelive streaming videos will appear in users’ feeds. How the big technology companies standing up for users UK Citizens.  Digital parenting – helping family life. Some tips on how to make social media a two conversation and finally Twitter is in crises again over 10,000 characters. 



UnknownTwitter’s Periscope

On Tuesday 12th January, Twitter’s Periscope live streaming videos will appear in users feeds, right within the social network’s main app on iPhones and iPads. The move will see Twitter-owned Periscope video cards automatically pl
aying within the
Twitter iOS app, in a similar way to Twitter’s Vines, pre-recorded video or gifs – which all currently download and play without requiring the user to interact with them.
Periscope chief executive and co-founder Kayvon Beykpour said: “Starting with our iOS app, Periscope broadcasts in Twitter timelines offer a new way to experience the world, giving Periscope broadcasters a window to a massive new audience.”

The Tech Industry Standing Up for UK Citizens

Alliance of companies including Twitter and Yahoo warn about proposed legislation that could weakenUnknown-1 encryption and create requirements on gathering users’ data.

A joint statement from Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook warns that the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill “could have far reaching implications – for our customers, for your own citizens, and for the future of the global technology industry”.

In a 2,000-word response on Thursday, the companies criticised several aspects of the bill and suggested a number of changes.

The submission warns that:

  • The wording of the bill could force companies to weaken encryption and provide “backdoors” to data, despite statements to the contrary
  • They could be required to gather or generate data that they do not currently do, simply to retain it
  • The bill may impose obligations that the companies cannot keep because they could conflict with laws in other countries
  • The language of the draft laws is “vague and confusing” and could be interpreted in different ways


Digital Parenting – Helping Family Life.

images Smart new apps make life easier for families and create greater independence for children. This year, thanks to   increasingly sophisticated apps and websites, technology will become less of an intrusion and more of an enabler towards creating a better family life. Mobile searches relating to parenting have grown by 25 per cent in the past two years alone. For new parents, tech offers shortcuts to mundane tasks.  Apps quickly connect parents to communities, offering both expert and peer-to-peer support

Advances in medical technology bring unprecedented independence to families. My friend’s four-year-old son has Type 1 diabetes. Thanks to Share, a new app created by a company called Dexcom, she can remotely monitor his blood glucose levels via a reading sent from a sensor implanted in his arm to her iPhone.

Customer Service Best Practices: Making Social Media a Two-Way Conversation.

When it comes to your business’ customer service strategy, social media can simultaneously be your brand’s most valuable ally

and its most intimidating nemesis. On one hand, when handled skillfully and tactfully, customer service via social media can produce positive PR and createfervent brand loyalty that’s infectious. Having 24/7 access to customers and the ability to instantly communicate with them — as well as quickly resolve issues — can prove invaluable.

5 top tips for you:

  1. Show your human side.
  2. Timeliness is crucial.
  3. Take heated conversation offline in a tactful manner.
  4. Use CRM software, but don’t rely on it.
  5. Carefully consider hiring choices for social media positions.

Twitter going HTTPS

Twitter Goes from Crisis to Crisis.

After soaring above $70 a share in its first weeks as a public company, Twitter stock fell below $20 a share for the first time on Friday. By Wednesday, the stock had fallen below $19 for the first time and was still dipping.   Twitter already had the scent of blood about it after several quarters of disappointing user growth.

The tougher market, combined with the sense that Twitter is basically throwing ideas at the wall, is only cutting it down faster and harder. Its latest idea “Twitter shares hit new low on rumored shift to 10,000-character tweets,” The Guardian wrote in a headline last week, shortly before the stock fell to a new low below $20 and hit new lows afterward.


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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 15th January 2016


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