5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 11th September 2015

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11th September 2015

Worried Parents Helped by Online Dictionary.

In an ever changing society, parents need to be on the ball with social media in regards to their children.  The new dictionary allows parents to translate what their child(ren)are putting online ASL Age, sex, location, P999 Parent in room alert, CD9 Parents around alert. Many of the terms deal with the issue of online sexual relationships online, including examples such as IWSN (I want sex now), and LMIRL (let’s meet in real life).

Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities Nicky Morgan said it was crucial that parents were educated on how to keep their children safe online.

She said: “The internet is an incredibly powerful tool, which is changing the way our children learn and stay in touch. But we must also make sure we do everything we can to help them stay safe online. Cyber bullying, which is now more common than face-to-face bullying, is just one of the areas that Parent Info tackles.”ceop

The website has been developed by the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and The Parent Zone, founded in 2005 to provide support to parents


PPeriscope is making Waves in Social Media – 3 ways it can help your business.

In Just four months, Periscope has over 10 Million users.  Brands have been very quick to incorporate Periscope into the marketing strategy.  Periscope users are now watching 40 years’ worth of streams a day. On average millennials are watching 21 million minutes a day!

#Tip 1 – Being State-Of-The-Art –  Over 50% of Periscope users are between 18-34. It makes total sense to connect with millennials that use this social platform – no brainer!

# Tip 2 – Live at the event!  Although there are many other video streaming apps eg vine, snapchat and others, the unique selling point is for Periscope that you can stream as much as you want live whenever and wherever you like!

#Tip 3 – Social Trends   As a business it is very important to stay up with social trends. Customers will love it, if  you are listening and willing to exercise new, modern forms of communication.

iPad Pro

Apple has unveiled a larger iPad tablet, a TV box with its own app store and new iPhones that can detect how firmlyApple-iPad-Pro (1) their screens are being pressed. The firm suggested the iPad Pro was suited to work tasks, video games and both editing and watching movies. Sales of the company’s earlier iPads have been declining. Apple said the “3D touch” feature of its new phones “transformed” the experience of using them by making it easier to use and switch between apps. Huawei demonstrated its own version of the feature – which it called “force touch” – at its own launch event last week.

The iPad Pro has a 12.9in (32.8cm) display, making its shortest edge the length of its earlier iPad Air 2’s height. Apple sold 19% fewer iPads between the start of October and the end of June as it did during the same period a year earlier. One expert suggested that the new model could reinvigorate sales.


Whatsapp_logo-3WhatsApp security flaw puts 200m web app users at risk.

A bug discovered in the WhatsApp web extension could allow hackers to take remote control of users’ computers with just their phone number, a security firm has warned. Last month, WhatsApp made its web client, known as WhatsApp Web , available to iphone users for the first time, after rolling out the service for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone earlier in the year.

The service effectively replicates the experience of using the mobile app in a web browser, allowing users to view all of the messages they have sent and received – including images, videos, audio files, locations and contact cards – on their PC.  However, security firm Check Point claims to have discovered a vulnerability that could compromise computers, by allowing hackers to distribute malware including ransomware, bots, remote access tools (RATs) and other types of malicious code. Ransomwear forces victims to pay a ransom to regain access to their systems and data, bots cause the system to slow down to a crawl, and RATs give hackers remote access to the victim’s PC.

Thankfully WhatsApp has verified and acknowledged the security issue and has developed a fix for web clients worldwide, which started rolling out on August 27. All versions of WhatsApp Web after v0.1.4481 contain the fix for the vulnerability. Check Point said that users should update their WhatsApp web software immediately and clear their browser cache to ensure that the patch is applied. The update will appear in the notification bar.

TNow you can make restaurant bookings on Twitter

Say goodbye to awkward phone conversations or trying to navigate difficult online booking forms, you can now make restaurant reservations on Twitter. Twizoo, a London based start-up, now allows you to book a table at your favourite restaurant simply by tweeting the restaurant with the date, time, and number of people for your table, along with the #TweetToBook hashtag.

The app then verifies the restaurant’s availability and tweets you a confirmation in seconds. Currently just seven restaurants are able to accept bookings online via Twizoo, but the company hope to expand. The company also offers a service called #NoMoreReviews, which aims to filter out unreliable reviews: “On average, there are seven more tweets about a restaurant for every one traditional review. And we all know the best feedback about restaurants and bars doesn’t come from just one person, or anonymous sources of review sites. It comes from real people.

“Twizoo analyses millions of tweets about the restaurant and bar scene to help you find that perfect place every time, in real-time.” The app analyses tweets and decides if the review of the restaurant, bar, cafe or pub is positive or negative. It filters out spam or tweets from the restaurant itself or their PR agency and then ranks the restaurants from best to worst.

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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 11th September 2015


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