5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 11th January 2015

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12th January 2016

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Hi guys and welcome to our first 5 in 5 post of 2016! As usual we take a look at the latest digital marketing news from an alternative perspective and today share some new and exciting updates from what’s going on at Pinterest to taking inspiration from the NFL to give you some inspiration on how you can get your engagement right into the end zone!


Insiders Give Their Views On What’s Happening At Pinterest

Pinterest 2016

According to many insiders the pinning platform is a strong contender to go public this year having already been valued at $11 billion after raising $1.3 billion in funding.

As we know, it is a great platform to advertise, however, Pinterest has taken quite a soft stance with it’s advertising since it started back in 2012. One analyst according to Business Insider mentioned that the company was “moving to slow” and that a member of staff told the media giant that the company hesitated to close big deals and those clients moved on to rival platforms instead.

Despite the negativity that has been associated with the pinning site failing to close crucial deals there is light at the end of the tunnel for the San Francisco company. This year it has big plans according to insiders, it is in the process of recruiting and will start opening up direct sales to more categories beyond the CPG and retail verticals, and that initial public offering still looms on the horizon. (Business Insider, January, 2016).

One thing that is worth mentioning is that it took Facebook three years to get its monetization efforts on track. Last year they predominately focused on UX and they created visual ads go well with with visual search engine. This is one aspect that puts Pinterest in a great place and the company has high aims. However, the pinning platform needs more time to increase its revenue stream for adopting its monetization model.

If you are a dedicated pinner and would like to know more about this story click here.


Image Source : Marketing Land


Ello Opens Online Marketplace And Remains Ad-Free

Ello 2016

Remember Ello? Although it was meant to supposedly be the “Facebook killer”that media dubbed when it first came on the scene back in late 2014; the alternative social platform will be opening an online market place and finally be releasing an Android app.

Ello chief exec, Paul Budnitz, revealed the company’s plans for the social media site. One of the new features that will come to the website is an online marketplace for creators to sell their work to other users.

The ad-free social site will be more open and accessible even to non-registered users. Ello are planning to introduce a version of the site on which content will be available for everyone to view on the web. Ello will also be enabling the option to share content across other social media sites including Facebook. As mentioned previously, there will also finally be an Android app which help their mobile presence.

Are you on Ello? If so what are your thoughts on the design layout they recently updated? If you’re not on Ello why not give it a try, click here.


Twitter Stock At All Time Low Due To Announcement of Longer Tweets

Twitter Stock 2016

Twitter’s stock price has hit a new all time low, dropping several dollars below the previous record low of $23.31. (Search Engine Journal, January 2016).

News about the micro-blogging platform planning to get rid of the 140 character limit spread like wildfire on social media and to make matters worse the stock market was down all week! Their stock was also a lot lower compared with other tech companies.

It’s fair to say it is going to take time for Twitter to increase its stock, Twitter’s new CEO Jack Dorsey will have to think outside the box in order for Twitter to become a high performer on Wall Street.


Image Source : Search Engine Journal


Predictions For Mobile SEO In 2016

mobile seo 2016

Being mobile-friendly is vital with more and more queries happening on mobile devices – so what predictions are in store for this year?

Firstly mobile indexing is a major prediction. Google announced that it was working on a mobile index that would allow it to rank mobile sites differently from desktop sites. (Marketing Land, December 2015) There is still only a desktop index , however, it clearly seems to be a big project, as we know Google keeps a lot of things hush-hush (previous algorithm updates have taught us this!). If it is officially launched this year, this would mean that SEOs will be able to provide a platform-specific experience when it’s relevant, giving searchers the best experience possible as Marketing Land’s Bryson Meunier points out.

Another prediction is that app redirect spam will no longer work. In essence, if the likes of Google had a mobile index, it could crack down on the sites that are faking their mobile-friendliness. If you’re thinking how is this at all possible, basically, sites that get you to download their app to view their content and making that site mobile friendly in order to boost their search engine ranking. Hopefully this is something that will (fingers crossed) in 2016 will come into play and prevent sites from using this app tactic.

What are your predictions for mobile SEO this year?


Image Source : TweakTown


Brand Engagement – Taking Inspiration From The NFL

nfl brand engagement

The NFL season is coming to close and with Super Bowl taking place next month (and also being a NFL fan – go Seahawks!) I thought what a great place to get some brand engagement ideas from.

NFL franchises have built their fan base organically for many years, however, some teams have stepped up their efforts to create a larger fan base digitally.

As Marketing Land puts it in their NFL article, that “creating a sense of community and encouraging interaction with the team and other fans are key factors for NFL teams looking to keep their brands more relevant than the rest of the league. Only one can take home the Super Bowl title, but a few are winning the social war.” (Marketing Land, January, 2016).

So what teams stand out when it comes to brand engagement? The Pittsburgh Steelers are one team that  stand out with their brand engagement, Pittsburgh fans can sign up on the team’s site to become part of Steelers Nation Unite, a fan group that allows Terrible Towel twirlers (fans take their towels to famous sites whilst on holiday) to connect directly with [their] favorite players through interactive fan forum calls, live chats and video messages.

Fans can even log in to the site after the game and chat with one another about their views and experiences, what’s really great is that members also can click on their seats in a 3-D photo of the stadium and add their Facebook profile information for other fans to see.

The Steelers site is a great example of taking brand engagement the whole nine yards, we really like that their site includes social touch points throughout the experience.

From Pennsylvania to travelling south to Texas we now turn our attention to the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys use their very own message board for fans to connect and discuss all the latest Cowboys news. What’s great about their message board is that it isn’t just about the game, other topics such as films and computer games can also be discussed on the social messaging site.

In addition, fans can enquire about ticket prices and travel information as well was watch team videos. From creating their very own social portal, Dallas has effectively taken ownership of the conversation and has definitely helped mirror online and offline engagement with their fans.

Which NFL team do you support? What tools have they given you to interact with? We’d love to know!


Image Source : Marketing Land


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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 11th January 2015


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