5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 5th October 2015

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5th October 2015


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Welcome to our first 5:5 for October! On today’s edition, we look at an array of stories from Google being reborn to looking at how Premier League side Southampton engage with their fans. As we always say here at The Digital Marketing Bureau, there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing!


Google is reborn

Google reborn

Last Friday it was made official that Google has been reborn. Back in August we all heard about Alphabet, a new corporate structure which sees Alphabet own a string of businesses such as Nest Labs and Google Fiber.

So how has the company been reborn? Today, the “old Google” will be replaced by the new Alphabet name on the stock market, however, its two classes of publicly traded shares will continue under their old ticker symbols, GOOG and GOOGL. (FT.com, October 2015).

Google have announced that from January it will report its results under two business segments, one representing the internet side of things, and the other containing its other business operations. For years investors have pushed Google to be more transparent about how much of the profits from its search business and ploughing back into projects such as Project Loon and their Self Driving Car project.

Why QR Codes are as much use as your Pog collection
Pog Collection 90s

If you were a 90’s kid life myself you will remember playing Pogs with your friends at school, but like most of these “school fads” they eventually came to and end and something else became the new thing (which I believe was GoGos!).

Just like Pogs, QR Codes which became big around 2013/2014 has dramatically fallen. But why? One of the main reasons you can’t scan a QR Code from your computer (well, unless you already have a mobile phone app that scans QR Codes and you scanned from the computer screen itself). As Kelsey Jones points out (in her Pog/QR article) that when it comes down to it, QR Codes lack user experience, content and websites need to be simple and really user-friendly.

If you’re thinking of winning by slamming your marketing strategy on QR Codes you might want to do some rethinking. You can read more about Kelsey’s QR Codes write-up here.


Image Source : Search Engine Journal

Using Reddit as part of your Digital Marketing StrategyReddit Digital Marketing

I recently stumbled upon this news item from Marketing Land and thought it was worth featuring in today’s 5:5, mainly for people who are thinking about promoting their content on an alternative platform.

As Brian Patterson points out in his Reddit article, “It seems so easy — post something cool about our company, get to the top of the dubbed “front page of the internet,” and bathe in a pool of karma, upvotes, site visitors and conversions”. (Marketing Land, October 2015).

If you’ve given it a go already you know it is far from easy, Redditors are always quick to “sniff out” anything that can be deemed as marketing or something that looks blatantly promotional is some shape or form.

So what should you do? Become a Redditor yourself and understand the basic mechanics of the site and secondly follow the Subreddits that interest you and subscribe to the ones that could be beneficial for your company or client. Once you’ve found these, and have content in mind that you want to share, I strongly recommend reading the Subreddit’s rules. If there is anything there could jeopardize your link such as a downvote or even being kicked out AVOID posting to that Subreddit and look for a similar Subreddit that might not be as a strict. Sounds simple, but it is a common mistake.

Lastly, don’t neglect the comment section! You want your brand to have a real voice to this is a perfect place to gain feedback from others, this also a smart way of building your presence on there. Want to know more? Read Brian’s Reddit marketing article here.


Image Source : Marketing Land



5 big changes coming to your Facebook profile

Facebook Profile Update


You might have seen these changes already on mobile already such as the centred profile picture. Here at the 5 big changes that are coming to your Facebook profile :-


Video profile

Instead of having a static profile image, you will be able to upload a 7 second video that will play on loop (as seen on the right hand side).



Centred profile image

As previously mentioned you might have already seen your profile picture centred on the mobile app. Thoughts on this one? Do you prefer your picture to be centred or do you prefer the old design?


Short bio

You can now right a very short bio in your profile. Not sure what to write? Use your short bios that you have used for Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Five extra photos

We really like this feature, do you have your top five favourite Facebook photos? Why not add these five to spruce up your profile even more.



All of these new features include privacy controls, you decide what elements of your Facebook profile that you want certain people to see. Probably best that your boss doesn’t see your drunken weekend away in Blackpool!


Image Source : Stuff


Saints FC – “We want to engage with our fans as a brand not a football club”

Southampton FC Marketing

I thought this was interesting news item to feature especially if you have an interest in both marketing and football. Premier League club Southampton FC admit they can’t commercially compete with the likes of the top four in the league, however, they mention that by achieving a single customer view of its fans rather than a glut of sponsorship deals is the way to eventually turn them into a heavyweight. (The Drum, October 2015).

An idea of blending ticket data and club shop sales helps join the dots up from purchasing data and fan’s online behaviour. James Kennedy who is head of marketing at the Hampshire club mentioned that “Traditionally, at no point would these consumer interactions be integrated into the system, with brands preferring to stick with one platform like Facebook, for example.” (The Drum, Ocotber 2015).

Kennedy describes these activities as a “genuine customer view” of how the view and interact with the club. He mention that Southampton are reengineering the way the club talks about the customer as well as stressing that it is not just about the data, the insights from the sales behaviours also provide a qualitative perspective and as a result have created some great digital pieces such as becoming the first club to use Vine and promote their kit using geo-filters.

Does your club promote and communicate well with its supporters? What promotions do they use?


Image Source : The Drum


What are your thoughts? 

What are your thoughts about our chosen digital marketing news stories that we have chosen today? Feel free to comment via our Google Plus and Facebook pages. If you prefer to tweet us your thoughts you can tweet James, Mark, and myself (David Dhannoo) directly.

5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 5th October 2015


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