5 Hashtags for Twitter

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23rd September 2014
5 Hashtags for Twitter

5 hashtagsThe hashtag has many a purpose and use, but above all it is great for allowing marketers to engage with users they might otherwise not have reached. Many of us use the hashtag, but are we all aware of its full potential? There are 5 identified key ways the hashtag can be used for maximum effect.


You can use the hashtag creatively in order to spread the word on a campaignCampaigns that is associated with your brand. You can monitor your hashtag and benchmark it against others, then organise fan content to allow your audience to become immersed in the experience.


Hashtags can be used for specific topics. These are useful for marketers as they can be searched and monitored to find users who have specific interests and customer potential. For example, hashtagging #socialmedia would increase the chance of reaching social media marketers who have been actively searching for this type of contact and who are interested in learning more.


Twitter chats are a regular thing. These use hashtags to allow users to organise certain conversations. When hosting a regular conversation and/or a Q&A session about social media measurement, you could chose the hashtag #MeasureChat. Such hashtags then become known and associated with this type of conversation. Thus, providing a term that is searchable, so that users can view and engagement with anyone involved.


DiscoveryFor research purposes you can search relevant hashtgas to discover attitudes, interests, and sentiment around these hashtags. This can be used as a way to plan future successful Twitter campaigns.


Different hashtags can be measured and compared against each other in order to identify growth, trends, and disparities. This is very important for recurring campaigns and competitive analysis. For example, you can track the trajectory of a promoted ad’s hashtag, in order to assess the level of competition and gauge what should be repeated and/or avoided.

Are you using them all, or could you be using more?

5 Hashtags for Twitter


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