Working with advanced LinkedIn Analytics

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25th September 2013

Here at The Digital Marketing Bureau we like to take a very analytical view of Social Data. We feel it gives invaluable data back to individuals and companies and is LinkedIn Analyticsthe way to push our business forward. However, there has always been a thorn in our side; LinkedIn. Until now they simply do not release their API to developers and actually dislike 3rd parties storing their data – unlike Facebook, Twitter and others.

This means we have always struggled to give companies valuable data on LinkedIn. This has varied from individual feedback on personal accounts through to company profiles (your own company or a competitor analysis) through to an analysis on a group you have perhaps set up as part of your inbound marketing strategy. However, we can now provide this and you can see some example feedback in the pictures below.

Linkedin Group Analytics

As part of our own Social Media Strategy we are developing a Linkedin Group about using Augmented Reality. (you can find the group here if you fancy learning more about it!). Therefore understanding what is working and what isn’t is invaluable. Here are some screen prints of some of the graphs we can look at – we are not including all of them as they are quite exhaustive.


[SlideDeck2 id=1126]

Personal Linkedin Analytics

There is limited scope within Linkedin to find out about your connections but it doesn’t really tell you the whole story. As such it is great we can now look into more detail about our own personal accounts. Below are some screen grabs for you to see my own personal account and just some of the reporting you can look at.


[SlideDeck2 id=1148]

Company Competition Analysis

I feel that Linkedin company pages are an undervalued part of the package with Linkedin. I for one really under utilise our own on the platform. I find we are too busy helping others with theirs! Anyway, this is a great way to compare yourself against the competition and see how they are doing and what is working for them (or not). Up to 5 Linkedin company pages can be analysed at any one time. Here is a quick example I did showing only a handful of the data that you can review.


[SlideDeck2 id=1175]

I hope this has helped you realise that there are some exciting things afoot with LinkedIn. Should you want access to any of these reports do get in touch

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Working with advanced LinkedIn Analytics


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