Using Augmented Reality to help you with translated documents

POSTED BY   James Dearsley
18th July 2013
Using Augmented Reality to help you with translated documents

I have discussed Augmented Reality a lot on this blog but one rather unique feature is a bespoke application of using it to translate documents. There are apps out there that can translate directly from signs but this is a little different. Previously I worked with a firm that printed out literature into 13 different languages. Not only was this arduous but it was also very expensive running several print runs at a time.

Using Augmented Reality you can make your printed material multi-lingual without the extra print run costs. In the video example below I am using the Layar platform and a bespoke HTML widget which allows for complete customisation. Other platforms can be used. Contact us if you would like us to help you implement this into your printed material

Using Augmented Reality to help you with translated documents

James Dearsley

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