Facebook; There’s no such thing as old news!

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14th August 2013
Facebook; There’s no such thing as old news!

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We all hate missing out, especially when it might be something important on Facebook! Staying on top of what’s new on your social media might now become that little but easier, and won’t cost you any more tedious scrolling time!

Facebook is due to launch 2 new changes to its news feed (yes more changes!), which will benefit all of us. The first is ‘Story Bumping’ which will change the order in which stories are viewed when you log in. For those of us who have experienced the inevitable “did you see that update/post?” “no, it never came up on my news feed!” this will hopefully dispel all your woes. Stories and posts which may have been written hours ago will now be bumped back up to the top of your feed, so you don’t miss what happened at 8am if you log in at 4pm. Facebook believes that old news is still news if you don’t know about it and this way you will be kept better informed and up to date!

The second new feature is called ‘Last Actor’. Facebook will cleverly record the last 50 actions of a user and with whom these engagements were made. Then it will use this information, along with the above new ‘ Story Bumping’ feature, to prioritise the apparently important people/pages to every user. So you will see everything you want, whenever you want, from the people you want!

These new features are potentially very exciting and interesting for businesses. In essence, your post/pages could spend more time at the top of users news feeds and provide a higher level of marketing and a boost to your status. Thanks very much Facebook!

Facebook; There’s no such thing as old news!


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