The new Google+ layout…

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15th May 2013
The new Google+ layout…

No sooner do I write about Google looking towards Authorship and your Authority with its effect on SEO than Google+ decides to roll out its newgoogle+ logo layout. It is looking pretty good as well.

Below (and by clicking See More….) are the videos released by Google which will be rolled out in the coming week to most profiles. I look forward to seeing it and posting a review video.

It looks a great update and I look forward to playing around with it

The Google+ Stream:

Related Hashtags

This is a particularly strong feature in my mind and one that will be a lot of fun to play with. I know a lot of people interested in how this will work:

All new Hangouts app

This looks to be a great improvement on the old set up with an app available on most tablets and smart phones

New Photo organisation

This is a feature I am looking forward to trialling. Not only will you be getting free backups but the “Auto Awesome” feature where they will effectively be making gif files for you sounds great fun. We shall see.

All in all I am looking forward to this rolling out to have a play around.

The new Google+ layout…


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