Savills PR cover up revealed by Social Media Monitoring

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19th December 2012
Savills PR cover up revealed by Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring for estate agents

social media monitoring for estate agents

Okay, in short, FPD Savills appear to have stopped a blog post (or at least the video) of some of its staff dancing (Gangnam Style to be precise) and generally larking about in Turkey and

Santa outfits while getting ready to film an interactive Christmas Card.  Whether I find this funny or whether I feel they should have stepped in to stop the content being broadcast out (and there is no doubt it would have gone viral) is almost irrelevant. It is the point that they found this material online and stepped in to stop it being broadcast that I am here to discuss.

I picked up a “negative sentiment” tweet that you can see below. It was linking to a blog about the incident. Savills either got lucky and saw the content or they have some monitoring software in place but FPD Savills are one of the most renowned Estate Agency brands in the UK and arguably also on a global scale. They are known for their high standards, excellent qualifications and formality. I should know having been in the property sector myself for over a decade. So they must have felt this to be damaging.

Why it is needed; social media monitoring for estate agents

Savills and Negative Sentiment

A surprising amount of brands do not have monitoring in place and hence who can you know if content is being broadcast about you. This applies to both positive and negative comments. Yes, we all want to restrict negative comments or at least learn from them and try to turn the situations into positives but wouldn’t it also be nice to know all the good stuff about you?

The question for Savills is whether they have done more damage restricting the content. Like I said, I picked it up as a negative sentiment tweet by quite an influential person and I have seen it retweeted a few times. Haven’t they just turned a Christmas spirited and fun video into a negative situation? Would it have been a way to show that they weren’t too formal at this wonderful time of year?  Could they have engaged with it a little more to really show themselves to be formal yet fun and turned it into a really good bit of PR? Who knows, I never saw the video myself and so the dancing could have been so bad that it really was worth pulling.

Should you want to see the original blog post you can find it here; alternatively you may want to see the follow up where Lisa Pilkington states it was pulled and see the link to the online survey she has created to find out whether you think Savills should reinstate the video (would love to know the figures Lisa?) – could this be a case of any publicity is good publicity? Find that blog post here

In the end brands, whether big or small, formal or informal, all want to be perceived in certain ways, or at the very least, want to know what is being said about them. Here at the Digital Marketing Bureau we offer an Online and Social Media Monitoring service – we will monitor what is being said about your brand and report back in near real time – I especially enjoy social media monitoring for estate agents given my history so get in touch. This way you can manage what is being said about you and deal with it the way you want it to be dealt with. It is  highly cost effective with prices starting from as low as £100 per month so feel free to find out more or just email us,

Savills PR cover up revealed by Social Media Monitoring


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