Social Media Monitoring For Companies

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26th March 2013
Social Media Monitoring For Companies

Today’s marketing landscape is very different to the one a few years ago. If someone was going to say something bad about you notice may have been given as your right to reply in the paper. Sometimes you didn’t get the notice but you knew that the story might disappear in a couple of days. The Internet and specifically Social Media has changed that environment. The quick nature of the technology allows anybody, anywhere to comment on a company, brand, product or service in the blink of an eye and this changes the way that you have to manage it all.

When we talk to people they rightly point out; but what is the point, as soon as someone tweets about us it’s old news. They are quite right and some companies have people who sit, all day, in front of Twitter trying their hardest to pick out tweets that are good or bad. Our point is that it isn’t the message that is important but the influence of the person broadcasting the message. This is key. If someone influential is saying good or bad things about you then you need to know quickly. Sadly that intern who is glued to the social networks isn’t really going to know that. Enter Social Media Monitoring and here is an example from last week.

Below you can see an example graph breaking Social Media Mentions (all are pooled here but it includes Tweets, Facebook mentions and Forum posts in this graph).

Social Media Monitoring – Sentiment Example


Social Media Monitoring


In this example you can see that there is a huge amount of red which is a rather large negative sentiment for all the social chatter going on that week. Though we will not divulge the company or the reasons why this all occurred, suffice to say the negative sentiment was due to a long awaited press release the day before the first day shown here.

It was not well received and hence you can see three days of terrible sentiment tweets and little in the way of positive. The day with most traffic was when the company actually responded to the comments and hence why there were some positive tweets.

The key point here is that upon further investigation, a lot of the negative chatter was deemed not serious on the basis of a further report called an “Influencer Report”. This showed that the negative chatter was written by what were deemed non influential broadcasters but interestingly the positive chatter was posted by quite highly regarded and influential people finally thanking the organisation for clarity on their position.

Should you want to know more about Influencer Reporting (and see some examples) do get in contact or for more information about our very affordable Social Media Monitoring packages do go to our Social Media Monitoring page

Social Media Monitoring For Companies


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