Social Media Bulletin – all things Twitter!

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20th October 2013

Twitter’s great isn’t it?! Well it’s about to get better, read on for the full Twitter update! Twitter 3

There’s nothing worse than someone talking to you and you are unable to reply. Even more annoying if you have something important to say! Direct messages on Twitter are changing in order to stop this from happening. Whereas before if someone you were following sent you a message (but they weren’t following you back) you wouldn’t be able to reply. However, Twitter is now allowing you to reply to a message regardless of whether the sender is following you or not! Who knows? They may start following you when they realise you have something interesting to say! This is going to be introduced slowly and will be in the form of an opt in feature. So keep an eye out for it!

In addition, Twitter is also considering (and in talks about) creating a dedicated direct messaging app. This comes after they have been keeping a close eye on the success and hype of the Snapchat app, which has become very popular very quickly. We will have to wait and see!


Finally, one for all the marketers out there! For those of you who use Twitter’s advertisingproducts – you can now schedule adverts via organic and promoted tweets. These can be planned for particular important dates and times up to a year in advance in one-minute increments! This could be very useful!


Social Media Bulletin – all things Twitter!


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