Quick Tips: Adding Milestones to a Facebook Page

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26th February 2013
Quick Tips: Adding Milestones to a Facebook Page

Here at The Digital Marketing Bureau we have just completed a Facebook Fan Page set up for a lovely school out near Horsham (Christs Hospital); it is the type of school that you aspire to send your children to but it got us thinking. Part of the reason for this was its heritage, its history and its ethos but how do you get this over online.

One quick tip for doing that is to make use of the Facebook Timeline and adding Milestones to a Facebook Page. It has been around since the end of 2011 but it is still misunderstood by many and is really not utilised to its full potential; especially by companies. Below is a quick video summarising it

How can you go about adding milestones to a Facebook page?

First of all it is almost as easy as adding a status update as that is the first screen that you go to. However. Click the “Offer, Event+” tab along the top:

Adding to the Facebook Timeline





Once you are there then you need to click on the “Milestone” option

Adding Milestones to the Facebook Timeline






Once this is done a much larger box is shown which allows you to populate the particular Milestone that you want displayed on your timeline. I urge you to use visual images as this really brings the story to life but once you press “Save” it will appear on your timeline on the date that you expressed.

Adding Milestones to Facebook












We hope that helps in adding milestones to a Facebook Page and do get in contact with us should you want to understand more quick tips on working with Facebook

Quick Tips: Adding Milestones to a Facebook Page


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