Quick Tip; using Circlecount on Google+

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28th January 2013
Quick Tip; using Circlecount on Google+

Each week I try to give you a quick tip for the week and this week it is using Circlecount for Google+. Google+ is the network to watch out for in 2013 andUsing Circlecount for Google+ we are convinced it will grow in authority as the year progresses.

It is great to gain a good understanding of the site and its power and one great way to understand it more is by using Circlecount. In brief it is a good way to see people’s influence on the site – this way you can find great people to follow.

A summary video of using Circlecount for Google+ is below.

As it is only a “Quick tip” I haven’t gone into a lot of detail but should you want to know a little bit more then the video below is well worth a look – all 10 minutes of it.

Quick Tip; using Circlecount on Google+


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