Quality Vs Quantity and whether you should buy your Social Media audience

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8th January 2013
Quality Vs Quantity and whether you should buy your Social Media audience

A new website  was launched this week which I love; it gives you the ability to see the quality of your followers on Twitter (and that of your competitors or Status Peoplepeople that interest you). In simple terms you can see whether they have fake or inactive followers meaning they may have bought their following – or perhaps they have just been terribly unlucky ;-).

A brief analysis of my followers shows that 2% of my followers are fake accounts and 10% are inactive. On the “Pro” version of this website it will show you who are the fake and inactive accounts so that you can do something about it and also will show the changes over time.

A quick look around at people that have 1000’s of followers it is very obvious who has been buying their influence. Not only does this confirm my suspicions but it also puts those people in a new light.

I am constantly asked by clients about creating “vanity profiles” especially on new accounts to give them a bit of gravitas. As it is a legitimate service I will offer it but with a huge caveat “yes, I can buy you followers but I don’t understand the point” – hence why I call it a vanity profile. Quite often I do myself out of business but I hope, in the long term, a better understanding from the client as to why I expressed myself in that manner.

To me followers are vanity but engagement is sanity. Putting it in simple terms, it is pointless to own a pub that everyone walks 

Followers are vanity

through but no one actually orders a drink.  Just as people say “Content is King” so is Engagement.

You may have gleaned the opinion I have about Quality Vs. Quantity but I will take it one stage further. Look

at the so called Quality Score of your website. Google does not like fake linking or paid for links and I doubt it would take Twitter long to roll out some form of Quality score of the Twitter accounts. Now that would be interesting.

To conclude, whether it be Twitter or any other network for that matter, I think a bit of hard work is key here to grow an engaged and interested following. After all it only takes 10 high quality and influential followers to make a difference to your business so why bother with 1,000 fake ones?

You can find the Fake Followers website here


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