Marketers to feed off Facebook news feed

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11th September 2013
Marketers to feed off Facebook news feed

Again Facebook have been making changes to their newsfeed and again it is for the good of the user, in this case particularly marketers.

You choose! You can now make decisions about the types of updates you want to see on your feed. You can now view all or filter either photos or games. This means that all photos will now appear together and this will undoubtedly work in marketers favour. For example, now that a user has the option to make their own choice about what comes up on their news feed, they are likely to pay closer attention to what they are viewing. This is great for ads as not only are they more likely to be seen, but they are more likely to be seen at the right time!

Other benefits of the new news feed include most commonly selected apps now appearingApps Picture in a quick list link on the left hand side. Again, this is great for marketers as you could bag a spot in this list and reap the benefits. But you must make sure your apps are engaging and visually stimulating enough in order to get there!

Sharing videos has also changed! Now when you share a video you will be sharing the Picture Sharingoriginal along with its comments, likes and share count. Friends who share your video will then have their profile picture added to a column on the left hand side. Thus, you will still be able to comment on your originally posted video with all original comments and likes instead of on your friends shared version. This is huge for marketers as it provide analytics right there in front of you. You can view and track engagements right where the video was shared, instead of having to go to the insights section to check your stats.

Space is everything on the new news feed. Everything gets more room to breathe as photos Left List Diagramare enlarged and thumbnails, profile pictures and call to action buttons are more visible. For marketers this is only good news as larger and aesthetically pleasing images on posts, pages and blogs will boost your viewing rate and importantly your click through rate.

Marketers to feed off Facebook news feed


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