LinkedIn Goes Mobile

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27th October 2013

E-mail is now the number one activity undertaken on a mobile phone, according to the guys at LinkedIn. They say that more than 50%

LinkedIn Intro

of people send e-mails via their mobile phone, compared to a mere 5% four years ago. They also claim that LinkedIn is experiencing a ‘mobile moment’ and that 38% of  users are accessing the site via their phones.

In order to to cater for this expanding e-mail phone market, LinkedIn have decided to offer a more professional way to send and receive e-mails on your phone. They are calling this new service Linkedin Introwhich will incorporate many of the key functions of the standard site into users usual e-mail service. It is being launched as a feature specifically for mobile phones and will only be available on the iPhone mail app at first. However, it will support e-mail providers such as: Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, iCloud and Google Apps.

So, how does it work? After installing LinkedIn Intro, users will then be able to see an e-mail sender’s LinkedIn profile information 

LinkedIn Recruiter

about directly on their e-mails. This will save the people having to look at their users LinkedIn profile separately. They will be able to see all LinkedIn profile information and even connect with the individual all via the e-mail!

Tying in nicely with this new service, LinkedIn also recently introduced a new app calledLinkedin Recruiter. This is a mobile version of their recruiter site which offers candidate search tools and organisational features for hiring managers and recruiters to name but a few. The new recruiter app, which will include most of the features of the main site, aims to mobilize hiring managers and enable them to engage them with potential new recruits whilst on the move!

LinkedIn Goes Mobile


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