Google+ used in an amazingly innovative way….

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4th December 2013
Google+ used in an amazingly innovative way….

So last night I was sent information that Toyota had launched an “app” in Google+. I am still trying to get some of the details but it looksToyota Collaborator Tool like a great way to use the platform and its Hangout feature.

The jewell in the G+ crown is the Hangout feature and I can’t help but think Toyota have done a great job here. Allowing people to build and design their own car in the comfort of their own home is a masterstroke – being able to invite a dealer in to take discussions to the next level is a/ a wonderful idea and b/ just shows how serious they are treating this platform.

As such I thought I would share their video below and post a link to the complete article here which may be of interest.

Not only do I believe this is evidence of another huge company seeing benefit of G+ but I also believe this is a really innovative and client friendly way to do it. Especially the invitation of a dealer to come into the conversations – very clever.



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