Google+ allows you to embed posts (but nothing else)

POSTED BY   tdmbadmin
11th September 2013
Google+ allows you to embed posts (but nothing else)

So Google+ are catching up with both Facebook and Twitter by allowing you to embed the coding of a post into another site e.g. a WordPress blog. This was announced earlier this week along with an announcement of a relationship with which seems to be pushing a more collaborative approach from Google of late.

It is also worth noting that it is completely responsive. You can leave comments or give the comment a +1.

Interesting times.

Anyway, below you will see how a post actually looks – note my comments in this post that it doesn’t seem you can embed anything other than a personal post. To me this falls a little short considering the aim is to a/ grow the platforms profile whilst b/ exposing your posts to a wider audience. Surely if you are organised events it makes sense to be able to kill several birds with one stone and embed your Google+ events into other sites? Just a thought




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