Facebook and the new “Graph Search”

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15th January 2013
Facebook and the new “Graph Search”

Will today be seen as the day that Facebook has kicked back at Google+ and its future potential with the launch of Facebook Graph Search. Well, that is the way that I Facebook Graph Searchsee it anyway and the launch of their new “Facebook Graph Search” – this was the news that a lot of people have waiting for ever since Facebook sent out a rather cryptic invitation. Before I go anywhere with discussing its merits, you can sign up to go on a waiting list here so be sure to do that

What’s it all about? 

For a number of years users have struggled with being able to use the Search button on Facebook and its ability to service your needs has been frustratingly bad. This is where Facebook Graph Search is stepping in and initial suggestions indicate it could be quite good both on a personal and professional level.

How will Facebook Graph Search work? 

To quote Gizmodo, a technology blog

It’s an attempt to do what Google failed at doing — pulling all the information that matters to you within the context of your social life, skipping the results that are popular to the Internet, in favor of the results that are popular within a group you actually give a damn about. Not a horde of strangers.

Hence my suggestion that they are looking to kick Google+ out of the water with this upgrade. In simple turns it will make search more personal and allow
you to ask questions like “What restaurants do my friends like” or “Photos I like taken before 1990” and you will immediately see those that they recommend.

It looks like Facebook will be focusing on four main areas: People, Photos, Places and Interests and the search MAY look like this – currently it is in Beta version so it will most likely look a lot different to this when it finally rolls out:

Facebook Graph Search Options:

Facebook Graph Search

 How is it being powered? 

Most blogs, websites and even search engines are powered by Google but Facebook Graph Search will be powered by Bing (social search results in Bing are already powered by Facebook so it kind of makes sense)

Is Facebook Graph Search good from a business perspective? 

Obviously from a personal perspective this is a major step forward but what about if you are a business? However the fact that a new form of SEO is about to emerge is quite exciting. Before you needed a great SEO guy to get you to the top of Search Engines. Now you will know which restaurant to go to in your local area that is recommended to you by friends or friends of friends. I have felt for a while that location based search is going to become more influential and sites like Foursquare will play a far larger part in our Social future and this is the clearest indication yet that I will be proved right.

It means that businesses now, more than ever, have to make their offerings as attractive as possible both on and offline. The content written online that is liked, shared and read will more likely influence results as well check ins and discussions. A Facebook marketing strategy needs to be subtly rewritten…..

So do you think it will compete with Google+?

Facebook and the new “Graph Search”


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