Facebook Data Reports “are-a-changing”

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20th June 2013
Facebook Data Reports “are-a-changing”

Here at The Digital Marketing Bureau we do tend to have a bias to a more analytical approach to Social media and hence it is always nice to see some of the platforms really assess what they are doing and make changes.

This is especially apparent with the announcement by Facebook to review their Analytics set up known as Insights. When they were first displayed it was a joyous day and one of the few platforms that really started to give everyone a feel for Social data. However, other platforms have moved on and now Facebook are playing catch up.

As such, from Wednesday, a small group of Beta testers will be using the new insights set up. It will then be rolled out but no date has yet been given for its general release.

Changes include:

  • An amended design to make it simpler and cleaner
  • Further segmentation of results (a major plus point in my book e.g. not just “People talking about this” but allowing you to boil down into segmented age groups and to see if you are appealing to age groups differently

I am sure there will be more information that will roll out gradually in the next few weeks but that is for starters. Below are some images (courtesy of Mashable and Facebook) which show some of the changes to expect.

New and Old Insights Overview Page alongside the New and Old Engagement graphs – just click on the image for a more detailed view:

Facebook Data Reports “are-a-changing”


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