New Augmented Reality for Real Estate example

POSTED BY   James Dearsley
30th July 2013

Riverlight is a new off plan development on the South of the River Thames. St. James, its developer, are one of the first to incorporate Augmented Reality as part of itsAugmented Reality for Real Estate marketing and PR campaign. Personally, as perhaps you would expect, I think this is a great idea but it is purely as I feel the application is there. It is a good example of using Augmented Reality for real estate.

For a long time Augmented Reality (AR) has been seen as a gimmick but we are starting to see its application with a hard nosed commercial perspective. Here for example St. James have incorporated AR within its brochure. It is by no means perfect but with over 50% of all buyers now coming from outside of the UK, who may never get to go to a developers Showhouse, it is a smart move. Suddenly your client wherever they may be in the world can get a feel for the development and from the comfort of their own home. A large shift in buyer psychology and one that I predict will only grow in coming months and years.

The quality of the rendering on this piece of AR is particularly good and though other examples I have already showcased give the user far more interactivity (to go inside an apartment for example) the external design here is second to none – this after all is a live example and will have been constrained by budgets.

The level of detail that has been put in here is impressive and I particularly like the map function which has almost limitless application.

We work in the field of Augmented Reality and specifically helping Real Estate Companies and Developers get the best out of Augmented Reality for Real Estate. After all, the commercial application of this technology needs to be thought through carefully. Do get in touch to discuss in more detail.

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New Augmented Reality for Real Estate example

James Dearsley

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