Are you in the business of listening?

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28th August 2013
Are you in the business of listening?

Being a good listener has never been so important. In the new age of social media dominance where the majority of feedback and messages are now online, we need to be ready and waiting to hear what people Social Media Listeninghave got to say.

Cisco, a networking leader, have a dedicated social media listening centre with touch screen technology – enabling conversations about them to be at the touch of a button. With the aim of enhancing customer care, managing risk and allowing them to be more engaging than ever before. In seconds Cisco can visualize information on whose talking about them, tweeting about them, what topics are trending, sentiment analysis and competitor conversations. All this is so they can act and respond in the best possible way and stay at the centre of the conversation and in control of their reputation.

How and why?

Cisco are using CRM Radian 6 to standardise their social listening and engagement “hub and spoke model”.They have 240 employees dedicated to listening and responding and they manage over 5000 Social Media Listening Centrementions a day across 70 Facebook pages and 100 Twitter accounts. They have eyes and ears in every area of their business, from dashboards in the command centre to kiosks in the CEO’s office. They are switched on and plugged in and they are really listening.

What started with the first listening centre in San Jose with the purpose of monitoring the conversations of competitors to find opportunities to engage has now expanded into all areas of customer feedback, support and engagement. Cisco have set up special listening centres for events like London 2012 for real time conversations and visualization during special and one off sponsored events.

As a result, Cisco have received a 281% ROI in just one year. Put simply, they have increased productivity and profits by managing, understanding and responding effectively to social interactions – and you could too!

Radian6 is one of many social media listening tools – can we help you decide which one to use?

Are you in the business of listening?


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