James Dearsley

James is the Founder of TDMB, which was born out of a frustration that marketing and technology were two industries that didn’t really understand each other. His writing was where it all started, initially starting out in the PropTech sector, becoming known as the world’s number one PropTech influencer. With TDMB, he has since diversified out into other technology verticals.

He is a popular keynote speaker on the topic of technology and, in particular, digital transformation, as companies transfer their historic business models to make them fit for the next stage.

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Michele Baker

Michele is the Senior Content Strategist at TDMB, creating a wealth of written and media content for companies in the Technology sector.

She began her journey into tech marketing via a Masters in Creative Writing, evolving from a prize-winning poet and short story author to a futurist and technology writer. Michele writes endlessly, hosts the TDMB Presents… tech podcast, and speaks at numerous tech and marketing events.

Michele also sends a weekly email newsletter, The Sunday AI Review, in which she gives a rundown of the week’s biggest news in artificial intelligence.

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Michele the writer

Will Darbyshire

Will Darbyshire is Content Strategist at TDMB, and a leading commentator in the PropTech industry, focussing especially on personal and brand profiles and interviews.  

Having started his career with a degree in Creative & Professional Writing, Will has written widely on property,  technology, music, society, and culture, before entering the PropTech world in 2014. This excludes his ‘lost weekend’, when he spent 4 years running bars and playing in a funk band in Sheffield.

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Will the writer

Jonathan Wood

Jonathan is Head of Business Development for TDMB. Always on the lookout for the latest technology trends, he’s keen to learn as much as he can about the fascinating tech we help to market!

He began his journey into marketing through his passion of talking to people as, after all, that’s what it’s all about! He is also a tech evangelist and an enthusiastic team player, always going out of his way to help. Jon is a keen speaker and relishes any opportunity discuss key issues and ideas within the industry.

Jonathan also hosts the AR & VR weekly reviews in which he talks about the most exciting stories of the week.

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Jon the writer

Denika Adams

Denika is Head of Design at TDMB. Passionate about design, visual language, and detail, she is constantly researching for new innovative ways to push the boundaries of design and cultural perception, and to introduce new evolving technology sectors/concepts through visual language and communication.

She loves all things design, tech and creative but particularly enjoys working with branding solutions and visual brand identity, along with visualising complex data though informative infographics. She enjoys finding new and strategic creative solutions for complex problems through design and visual language.

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Denika the writer

Louise Holder

Louise is the head of Paid Marketing, with extensive knowledge and expertise on both Paid Social & Paid Search. Louise is a mum to a 5 year old boy who is crazy about cars and a 8 month old girl who being as vocal as ever; keeps mum her on her toes. She loves cooking food, especially West Indian food as mum is from Guyana and Dad is from Barbados.

Outside of expanding her knowledge of PPC, Louise loves celebrating her culture, especially attending the Notting Hill Carnival.
She is a real lover of sci-fi and adventure movies, literally staying in all day watching all the Jurassic & Transformers films back to back!

You can reach Louise at:


Louise the writer

Matt Atkinson

With 8 years digital marketing experience and 6 as a Director of SEO working in a variety of vertical markets, Matt possesses the skills to help our clients succeed in competitive markets utilising the full range of techniques open to us at TDMB.

In his spare time, Matt looks after his young family, helps Compassion In World Farming with their SEO, practices Tai Chi and explores the countryside on his racing bike.

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Matt the writer