Our Pick Of The Best Robotics Videos On YouTube

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11th April 2018
Our Pick Of The Best Robotics Videos On YouTube | TDMB Tech

The robots are coming! Should we be excited, worried or scared? We’ve put together some of our favourite YouTube videos about robotics, showcasing the big names, some tutorials and need-to-knows on the topic for you to enjoy.

If you have any more robotics videos which you would like to see added, drop Michele an email: michele@thedigitalmarketingbureau.com. Along with providing a great resource for other readers, we’d also enjoy seeing your recommendations ourselves!

Atlas, The Next Generation (Boston Dynamics)

Boston Dynamics robots completely dominate the robotics videos on YouTube, so expect to see them show up a couple more times in this post. Considering the serious ‘wow’ factor of the work Boston Dynamics is doing, not to mention the terrifying potential of its robots, it’s little surprise the channel’s view count is through the roof. This video is of Atlas, a 180lb android that uses hydraulics and sensors to navigate its surroundings with astonishing accuracy.

How To Make A Hydraulic-Powered Robotic Arm From Cardboard

Getting as many kids interested in STEM subjects, and Robotics in particular, will be key to the building of a future workforce that is equipped to handle the jobs our society will need to focus on in years to come. So tutorial vids like this one, that teach how to build basic robots from everyday materials, are great resources for young people and students to develop their skills.

Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans

Sophia the Robot sets my teeth on edge. I utterly despise it. However, this phoney, sensationalist nonsense proves incredibly popular in the mainstream media, mainly just because it bullshits the general public into thinking the glorified toaster is some sort of Ex Machina-style superintelligence. Also, note the ridiculous use of the word ‘hot’ in the headline… I can’t even right now. Rant over. Here’s the video:

Why The Rise Of The Robots Won’t Mean The End Of Work

Great video from Vox here, tackling the salient point of the potential jobs crisis that automation is rumoured to be bringing about. It’s a debate with merit on both sides, and this video is one of the most widely viewed on YouTube dealing with the topic.

A Brief History Of Robotics

Why don’t we have robots taking care of our every need by now? A little history of the field of robotics might help you understand how hard it is to get machines to perform tasks, and how far we’ve come in just a few decades.

The Two-Legged Robots Walking Into The Future

Creating a walking robot is no easy task. But despite numerous efforts throughout the years, people are still trying to create robots that can truly walk around our environments like we do. Motherboard met with Agility Robotics, a small startup in Oregon that is one of many trying to crack the code of creating the perfect bipedal robot.

Robots Could Be Coming For More Than Just Your Job

Whilst Vox’s video above argues our jobs will be largely safe in the automated future, Vice has a different perspective on offer. At the same time as acknowledging the threat that robotics and AI represent to human jobs, this video goes further into touching on the topic of how a combination of robotics and AI could transform and potentially threaten humanity in years to come.

New Dog-Like Robot From Boston Dynamics Can Open Doors

Boston Dynamics again here, with one of the most sensational robotics videos on YouTube this year so far. This robot was reportedly the inspiration behind the famous Black Mirror episode, Metalhead, in which an autonomous robot ‘dog’ hunted down humans in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Robots And AI: The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk

Robots are already changing jobs as an endless array of robots enter our everyday lives. From trucking to service work to high-end jobs like doctors and lawyers, this documentary explores how robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the workplace.

AJ+’s documentary series on automation explores how advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and automated vehicles will affect jobs, cities and inequality.

See also Part 2: A Tale Of Two Cities: How Smart Robots And AI Will Transform America and Part 3: Will Robots Make Us Poor? Universal Basic Income And The Robot Tax

AI Robots Full 2018 Documentary ~ Taking Over The World

‘AI robots are taking over the world!’ exclaims the description of this YouTube video on robotics and AI. An accurate statement or one designed to whip viewers into a frenzy of fear? This 21 minute documentary covers some of the most well-known robots, including that bloody Sophia.

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Our Pick Of The Best Robotics Videos On YouTube

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