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Machine learning is the logical progression from artificial intelligence, and focuses on the development of algorithms that will allow a computer to learn, initially from inputted data, to devise correct answers to complex (or simple!) questions. Machine learning thus allows a computer to discover hidden insights that inform its human user without being explicitly programmed as to where to look.

A machine learning algorithm will be able to learn from each iteration of data it is offered, over time independently adapting and applying previously learned knowledge to inform future decisions. There are seemingly endless possibilities for the ways machine learning can be used.

We have already seen machine learning in action for a number of years, on Amazon and Netflix, in Google Search, and even our social media feeds. But now, as the technology grows in sophistication, it has the potential to change the face of how we live and work.

Of course, all of this is vastly exciting to the team at TDMB, who soak up the latest news and insights on machine learning on a daily basis. We know, perhaps better than any other marketing firm out there, the sheer impact machine learning will have on the world. In short, we absolutely love it.  

Our range of marketing services hone in on the specific requirements of technology companies from all sectors, and our passion for tech means we are the most informed marketers working in the technology industry. If your company works in machine learning, we would love to work with you! Find out how we can help you by viewing our Services document.

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We don’t just offer marketing services, you know. We also want to equip you with all the tools you need to learn everything you can about the world of machine learning. That’s why we have put together this free machine learning resources eBook, with an abundance of in-depth information of where to go to soak up as much knowledge as possible about this exciting technology.

What’s In The eBook?

There’s a whole lot to get your teeth into, but just as a few examples, you’ll get:

  • The best conferences and meet-ups to attend
  • A rundown of the leading influencers in machine learning and where to find them
  • The major books, magazines, blogs and news sites on machine learning

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