Our Pick Of The Best IoT Books You Need To Read

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12th March 2018

The Internet of Things is set to alter the face of the world as we know it. A world in which trillions of devices are connected is within spitting distance, and things are changing fast. If you want to understand more about the changes the IoT is set to bring, then these books should be added to your Amazon wishlist right now!


Check out the TDMB team’s top Internet of Things books and let us know any others we should include.


Best IoT Books: Second Machine AgeThe Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies

by Erik Brynjolfsson

The Second Machine Age is probably the most well-known book about IoT on this list, hence why we’ve put it first. IoT may seem like just three little letters, but the world behind those letters is that which we can look forward to with avid anticipation. Huge changes are ahead, and this book is pretty much the bible of what is coming and how we can deal with it.



Best IoT Books: Make - Getting Started with the Internet of Things Connecting Sensors and Microcontrollers to the CloudMake: Getting Started with the Internet of Things: Connecting Sensors and Microcontrollers to the Cloud

by Cuno Pfister

If you’re looking for a book designed to give you some practical lessons in building some useful little devices for yourself, then this is it. Learn to program embedded devices using the .NET Micro Framework and the Netduino Plus board. Then connect your devices to the Internet with Pachube, a cloud platform for sharing real-time sensor data. All you need is a Netduino Plus, a USB cable, a couple of sensors, an Ethernet connection to the Internet—and your imagination.




The Silent Intelligence: The Internet Of Things Best IoT Books: The Silent Intelligence

by Daniel Obodovski

The Silent Intelligence, so named for the insidious creeping of IoT technology into the mainstream, is a book aimed at entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and those with a general interest in how connected technologies are developing. Some interesting ideas on the best areas of growth for potential investors and entrepreneurs to get into, and a lot of fascinating stories and insight from industry leaders, visionaries and veterans.



Meta Products: Building the Internet of Things

by Wimer Hazenberg

‘Meta Products’ is a pretty good way of describing connected consumer products which communicate with one another. This book is about how the IoT phenomenon is developing, from its inception right through to now, and projections on the developments to come.





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Best IoT Books: EverywareEveryware: The Dawning Age Of Ubiquitous Computing

by Adam Greenfield

Taking a more philosophical approach to the issue of the Internet of Things, what Greenfield calls ‘ubiquitous computing’, this book ruminates on how our lives are being gradually reshaped. It’s a beautifully accessible book suitable for even those with the most rudimentary understanding of connected technologies.



Best IoT Books: Thriving In The Emerging Information EcologyTrillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology

by Peter Lucas, Joe Ballay and Mickey McManus

Did you know there are already more computing devices in the world than there are people? And we are connecting them all up so they can talk to each other in one big network. This could be a good thing, and this optimistic approach is pretty much what’s being channelled as we keep on developing the technologies. But, of course, there are some big risks we should be considering rather seriously. The world will basically be built from connected devices and we’ll be living in that world. What does that mean for us?


Best IoT Books: Designing Connected ProductsDesigning Connected Products: UX for the Consumer Internet of Things

by Clare Rowland, Elizabeth Goodman, Martin Charlier, Ann Light and Alfred Lui

Aimed at UX designers and technologists, Designing Connected Products offers a clear and practical roadmap for consumer product strategy and design for the new connected market. An absolutely fascinating insight on how working on cross-device interactions in the era of the IoT will change the way we market and sell to consumers.



Best IoT Books: Learning Internet of ThingsLearning Internet of Things

by Peter Waher

Suitable for everyone from those with an amateur interest in electronics through to developers and electronics engineers, Learning Internet of Things is a great how-to guide for creating architectures and solutions for the IoT. Hands-on tutorials, academic learning, and resources, make this a must-read for anybody wanting to take the Internet of Things into their own hands.




Best IoT Books: Big Data and The Internet of ThingsBig Data and The Internet of Things: Enterprise Information Architecture for A New Age

by Robert Stackowiak

The Internet of Things cannot exist without Big Data, so a book that covers this relationship in depth is a necessary addition to this list. It’s another great choice for those looking for practical learning about implementing connected technologies for business purposes or to further their own knowledge and develop their skills. For anyone whose career depends on keeping up to date with advancements in computer science, reading Big Data and The Internet of Things should be considered a priority.


These are our favourite books about the Internet of Things right now, but new reading material is being released all the time. If you know of any books we should be featuring in this list, please do drop michele@thedigitalmarketingbureau.com a line and I’ll be happy to get it added on.

Have you read any of these books? Let us know how you found them and we’ll add your comments to the post.

Don’t worry, we’ll never share details with anyone.

Our Pick Of The Best IoT Books You Need To Read

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