Three Simple Ways to Improve Adwords Search Campaign Relevance

POSTED BY   Louise Holder
23rd August 2018

1. Build Out Your Negative Keyword List

Make sure you are regularly performing a search query report, reading through the queries and adding Negative Keywords to your account. If this is not carried out regularly, there will be irrelevant search queries that slip through the net; which will cost you!

Three Simple Ways to Improve Adwords Search Campaign Relevance


Where to find & build out your negative keywords:

· Search Query Report – We would suggest running this report at least once a week (depending on the size of your account) as this will save you money and improve your account’s relevancy. This report is also a great place to discover new keyword gems to add to your account

· Google Keyword Planner Tool – Many advertisers tend to only use this tool to discover new keywords, but it is also a great way to identify keywords you do not want your ads to be displayed for

· Brainstorming – Get a piece of paper and write down as many terms you know you do not want your ads associated with e.g. if you are advertising your Business Card Printing Service for a specific price, you do not want your ads appearing for search terms such as Free Business Card Printing and therefore you would need to ensure you have “Free” as a Negative Keyword in your account

Three Simple Ways to Improve Adwords Search Campaign Relevance

2. Pause Non Performing Keywords

Change date range to go back as far as 3 months

Consider pausing keywords if they have:

– Not generating a click but have generated a significant number of impressions
– A significantly low CTR% e.g. anything less than 0.75%
– Not generating a single conversion, but is spending a considerable amount of budget
– Pausing keywords with both low impressions and clicks

Three Simple Ways to Improve Adwords Search Campaign Relevance

3. Ad Scheduling

Improve Quality Score – Highlight keywords with QS of 6 or under – Are there any changes that can be made to help improve their QS?

– Are you sending people to the most relevant page for this keyword?
– Does the keyword appear in the ad copy?
– What is the landing page experience? Does it make it easy for people to complete your goal e.g. sign up, purchase etc?
– Could your campaigns do with a re-structure? Do your keywords need more tailored and targeted ad groups?

These are some quick wins to help both reduce your budget wastage, drive better quality traffic to your website and also help you achieve your Marketing goals quicker and more efficiently.

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Adwords Search Campaign Relevance

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