5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 21st January 2016

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21st January 2016



Digital Marketing News – This week we look at stories from Facebook, Twitter, why millennials need training on social media and tips on how to use Blab.im.


A survey carried out by Oxford university suggests we only trust 4% of our friends on Facebook if we Facebook Mediafall into trouble!  Professor Robin Dunbar, Oxford University says “Seeing the white of their eyes from time to time seems to be crucial to the way we maintain friendships.’ Dunbar goes onto say ‘Social media certainly help to slow down the natural rate of decay in relationship quality that would set in once we cannot readily meet friends face-to-face’ Facebook currently has around 1.4 billion active users, and more than half of the country, 34 million people, log on to the site each day. People simply cannot keep up with more than 150 people.



twitter newsTwitter

Rupert Murdoch’s media giant News Corp has been rumoured to be buying Twitter,  news of this sent shares up by 14%. Murdoch has denied this.  Facebook and Google have also been in the frame for purchasing the floundering network.   Twitter is still try to revive its fortunes by testing a feature to show ads to people who read tweets without logging in.  




Harvard Business Review

A meager 12% of the 2,100 companies in a 2010 Harvard Business Review survey said they’re using social media effectively. There’s just one small problem: The contemporary workforce is woefully ill-equipped to help companies unlock it. William Ward, professor of social media at Syracuse University said,  social media know-how isn’t something you just pick up as a casual user. And it isn’t just older employees who are in the dark—millennial hires need training, too. Fixing this social skills gap is no small task. In the long term, social media coursework is slowly being incorporated into university programs, and not just for students pursuing marketing and communications degrees.



Goodbye-Google-Hangouts-Hello-BlabIMBlab.im is video conferencing in a nut shell. It allows businesses, customers to talk in real time about a topic(s) of their choice. It can also be used socially as well!

  1. Blab.im is simply more functional, flexible and easier to use, than Google Hangouts.
  2. Host your own internet blab!
  3. You can have up to 3 other people to talk during the live video stream and it can be recorded for future reference.
  4. You can follow your favourite blabs and get email notifications when people follow you and when blabs are about to start.
  5. Blab tags are tags that allow you to find topics that interest you.


Twitter going HTTPSTwitter – Part 2!

Yes not again! As you are all aware twitter went down on Tuesday lunchtime for about 2 hours. We know your first instinct is to whip up your Twitter client and complain about it, but you can’t because, well, Twitter is down. Instead people went on Facebook to complain!

5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 21st January 2016

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