5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 8th February 2016

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9th February 2016

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Hi guys and welcome to our second 5:5 Digital Marketing News round-up of the month. As usual we will be covering an array of stories and today will be focusing on quite a lot of mobile and app based stories as well starting our round up with the current goings-on at Twitter. Like we say in a majority of our blog posts, there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing!


#RIPTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Twitter is Alive and Kicking

twitter takeover

On Friday Buzzfeed reported that the micro-blogging platform is planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline (similar to Facebook) as early as this week. The timeline as many sources have reported would reorder tweets based on what Twitter’s algorithm thinks people most want to see, as opposed to the traditional model of showing tweets in chronocological order. Buzzfeed and many other sources have mentioned that it was unclear whether a new timeline would be presented as an option to users or whether they would be forced to change.

No Emojis Are Allowed In Google PLAs

no emoji

On Google.DK (Denmark) one business thought they would try and add an emoji in its Google shopping ads campaign, they were kind of successful as the emoji did appear (pictured here). The emoji was eventually removed and coincidentally enough Google updated its store name guidelines and it mentions that emojis are simply a big no-no.

According to Search Engine Land emoticons and emoji had fallen under the existing guidelines that disallowed the use of unnecessary symbols, but until the recent update, the guidelines only specifically listed “ALL CAPS” as an example of unnecessary use of punctuation, capitalization or symbols.

Although we live in a world surrounded by the symbols, we can’t see Google reversing their decision anytime soon, PLA’S for now will be an emoji-free zone.

Image Source : Cyber Smile

Bing’s Latest Apps For iOS And Android Focus On Finding Deals & Local Offers

bing app

Bing last week released their latest apps for both Android and iOS respectively, the apps feature some handy features such as like a barcode scanner for price comparisons, a tool to find the cheapest nearby gas prices, and, on iOS to start, a new deals browser.

Tech Crunch point out that the refresh is more notable for users on Android, as the iOS app previously included some of these features. Previously on the iOS version, the price comparison feature was on the 6.1 version of the app which was released in December. In addition, on the 6.1 version,Uber integration, GIF support, a restaurant finder, OpenTable integration, and a music and movie finder were also featured.

We think this app is great and love hoe versatile it is as mobile users are becoming more and more overwhelmed with the amount of apps they have on their devices. Because of this, they are now turning to the likes of virtual assistants and other portals such as Google Now.

Interested in trying the Bing app? Try it here if you are an Android user, if you are an iOS user click here.

Image Source : Tech Crunch

A Look At The Reddit App

reddit app

If you are a keen Reditor and are an Android user this new item will definitely interest you. Reddit not long along closed its Beta testing on the Android app and we discovered that Android Authority has previewed the app already and this is what we have learnt about the app so far.

First of all, when looking at the app, it has some nice visuals with the Reddit Snoo and it really has a smooth feel to it, the night mode option is pretty handy too.

With most Betas from experience you always have a bug or two and this is the case with Reddit’s Android app. Sometimes the settings don’t always kick in and you have to restart the app to put them into effect.

For an app that is still currently in development, from what we have seen and read the mobile experience seems pretty good despite the occasional bugs. Android Authority mention that they recommend for the meantime it is worth using a third party app, rather than searching for an unauthorized .apk of the beta.

Take a look at some of the app screenshots here

Image Source : Android Authority

Facebook Is Crowned King of The Apps

facebook app

A recent report from comScore has shown that more than one hundred million people in the US used the app on their smartphones at the end of last year, making it top of the pile for both iOS and Android. (Daily Mail, February, 2016)

Facebook’s dedicated messenger app was the second most popular app, reaching 62.5 per cent of users, while Google-owned YouTube came in third place respectively.

Youtube has the potential to dominate in the next quarter after the service launched its own music streaming service called  YouTube Music.

What was particularly interesting to see from comScore’s report was that the only email app to make the list is Gmail (in 7th place), and Google’s utility apps feature heavily in the top 15 with Google Play (4th), Google Maps (5th), Search (6th), and Drive (14th).

It will definitely be interesting to see how things look in the next quarter, do you think Facebook will lose its crown or do you think it will continue its dynasty at the top of the apps lists for a long period of time?

Image Source : Forbes


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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 8th February 2016

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