5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 5th May 2016

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12th May 2016

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Hi guys welcome to another 5:5 digital marketing news round-up. As usual we give you a snapshot of five recent stories from the digital marketing world and today we’ll be giving you the low down on Twitter’s new ads to looking at how brands celebrated Leicester City’s title win. As we always say here at The DMB – there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing!


Twitter Will Bring Its Logged-out Ads to the Mobile Web in Q2

Twitter Ads


Twitter has once again looked at alternative ways to make money and is now focusing on its logged out audience.

The micro-blogging site ahem I mean news company will serve its logged-out ads to the mobile web in Q2. According to Marketing Land’s Tim Peterson, Twitter had started showing ads to its logged-out visitors in December 2015 but limited the first phase of the test to desktop visitors. At the time, Twitter said the majority of its logged-out audience of more than 500 million people was visiting its site on desktop. But Twitter makes most of its ad money — 88 percent in the first quarter — and sees most of its monthly logged-in audience of 310 million people — 83 percent in Q1 — on mobile. So it was only a matter of time before Twitter would bring this part of its business to mobile.

So how does this all work exactly? Twitter will target its ads to its logged-out visitors based on a specific tweet or profile page they have viewed. The single tweet or profile page is a strong signal of someone’s interest that Twitter uses it to promote to its logged-out and logged-in visitors into the same target audience. It seems very similar as the way a Facebook ad pixel works.


Google Drops Product Rich Snippets From Airline Pricing Websites

Google Snippets Airline Travel

Google HAVE confirmed they removed the ability for some airline sites, such as Trip Advisor and Expedia, to show product rich snippets in the search results. (Search Engine Land, May, 2016)

Google’s John Mueller confirmed it about two weeks ago via a Google Hangout and mentioned that these travel pages were making up multiple different types of products in a way that you would for one product.

Google has been hot on rich snippet spam for quite a years now. It seems on this occasion to have been applied widely to an array of airline travel sites.

If this topic interests you check out this recent Google Webmasters Hangout.


Vine Releases Its First Ever Desktop App For Windows 10

Vine Desktop

Vine has become the latest app to join the Windows 10 contingent and as expected you can create and share your 6 second Vines from any video saved on your PC or tablet. In addition, you’ll receive native notifications, and updates will show up on Vine’s Start menu Live Tile.

As mentioned in The Next Web, though Vine will likely always be a mobile-first platform, desktop compatibility means makers can more easily use professional video equipment and software for editing their videos; expect vines with more fancy production values to start showing up.

Image source : The Next Web


Yubl social media app overtakes Skype, Pinterest and LinkedIn in UK App Store rankings

Yubl App

Yubl, the social media app that uses buttons to encourage people to interact in new ways via their smartphones has claimed fourth spot in Apple’s UK ranking of free social networking apps, just 10 weeks after launching on the App Store.

The app is currently placed fourth behind WhatsApp, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger – and ahead of app titans Skype, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Periscope.

What’s particularly interesting is that the app debuted at 501st overall in apps and 29th in the social networking category when it launched on February 24 according to app analytics company App Annie.

So how does Yubl work exactly? Its users can create animated and interactive posts – by combining text, stickers, video, photos and “buttons” – and then share their creations with friends.

In addition, users can choose whether to share their interactive posts publicly or in closed groups. They can also use the app to follow brands, media creators and celebrities.

Intrigued by Yubl? Download it here (for iOS users) for Android users view here.

Image source : Mirror

How Brands Celebrated Leicester City’s Title Win

Leicester City Social Media

The Foxes exceeded expectations to win the Premier League, and this sparked a lot of attention from brands on social media.

Below are some branded tweets that got involved with Claudio Ranieri’s team winning their monumental title victory.


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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 5th May 2016

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