5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 25th January 2015

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26th January 2016

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Hi Guys and welcome to our Monday 5:5 Digital Marketing News Stories. As usual we bring five recent stories from the digital marketing and bring you all of the latest news and exciting updates. Today we look at an array of stories from the digital marketing realm from Twitter losing five main executives to what today’s machine learning revolution means for today’s marketer. As we always say, there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing! 


Twitter Loses Five of Its Main Execs

twitter staff

Late Sunday night, Jack Dorsey confirmed that four of Twitter’s most senior executives were leaving the company, including vice presidents for media, product, engineering, and human resources. (Gizmodo, January, 2016)

The company’s CEO tweeted that that VP of media Katie Stanton, VP of product Kevin Weil, VP of engineering Alex Roetter, VP of human resources Brian “Skip” Schipper and Vine’s general manager Jason Toff all chose to leave on their own accord.

So what happens now? Chief operating officer Adam Bain will handle media and HR, while chief technology officer Adam Messinger will deal with product and engineering.

Image Source : Twitter

Recent Digital Marketing Stats Revealed

digital marketing stats

One for all you stat geeks out there! We have taken a look back at some recent digital marketing stats, hopefully these insights will give you some inspiration to hit those targets out of the park!

Did you know…? Marketing budgets saw weakest growth for three years in Q4 2015, according to Econsultancy.com, marketers said they would be increasing their budgets by just 0.5% in the final quarter of last year, the lowest level for 11 quarters and a drop from 4.4% in Q3.

It can be inferred that the stats indicate a rather dampened outlook in the wider economy, although ad spending is still predicted to grow by 3.9% this year.

In addition, £114 billion was spent online in 2015, The Christmas period alone took £24.4 billion. 17% of the Christmas spending revenue came from Black Friday (17%).

According to an email marketing report which was conducted by Remarkety  found that email marketers can use a benchmark of 17.8% for newsletter click rates and 1% for conversion rate. Other findings from the email marketing report included :-

  • 46.6% open rate for abandoned basket follow-up emails, with a 5% conversion rate
  • 38.9% open rate for inactive customer emails
  • 5% conversion rate for order follow-up emails


From email marketing to video views… Did you know…? Snapchat receives more than 7 billion video views a day, the latest figures on the photo and video app now indicate that Snapchat is rapidly catching up with Facebook which has had around 8 billion views a day, however, has had fewer users watch video content compared with the photo and video app.

What’s your favourite recent digital marketing stat?

Image Source : Social Media Today


DuckDuckGo Gains Record High Searches in 2015

DuckDuckGo 2015

Privacy search engine DuckDuckGo celebrated a record number of searches in 2015. The search engine reported a daily peak of just over 12 million searches on 14 December, 2015, reaching a monthly average 10.8 million searches. (ClickThrough Marketing, January 2016).

2015 was definitely a great year for the company as they saw further development in a number of different areas. For example, the company increased its Bang search shortcuts to more than 7,500, and with 20 meetup groups covering five continents around the globe, plus continued its year on year growth.

The privacy search engine translates in 13 languages and plans to grow this number to improve accessibility for more non-English speaking users. In addition, they improved the ability to filter images by size, as well as introducing the new DuckDuckGo App for Android and iOS.

Do you use DuckDuckGo? We think there will more to come in 2016 for the privacy search engine.


Marketing at Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 Marketing

Whether you’re based in The States or any other country that is mad about the gridiron sport, the question is will you be putting together a marketing campaign that’s centred around the event?

If you are or even if you still thinking about the idea here a few reasons why it helps brands (in no particular order).

1. Relevancy

With half the country talking about the big game any brand that wants to be relevant to the conversation will be tempted to join in. (The Guardian, January 2016). The best methods of execution aren’t online but in-store, through promotions that create a genuine link between brands, the event and a reason to purchase. This would obviously depend on what your brand is associated with.

2. Visibility

Big events also get light users of social media to log on and check out the latest buzz (for anyone who promoted anything during the 2014 World Cup you will probably experienced this), and gives occasional posters something to say. This creates a bigger potential audience for advertisers but also a lot more noise for their messages to have to cut through, using specific hashtags that are associated with the Super Bowl will definitely help you social posts be even more visible to others. So get hashtagging!

3.  Sustainability

Why not use your American Football ad again? This is a great way to keep the conversation going, use it as a throwback campaign or edit it for when the season starts in September. A big tip to remember (which comes from Jerry Daykin) is that if you don’t have a stand-out plan and serious commitment to deliver it you’ll probably find you get more bang for your buck on any other day of the year. (The Guardian, January 2016)

Image Source : StarPulse

Machine Learning – What It Means For Today’s Marketers

machine learning

So what can machine learning teach marketers? As the Huffington Post mention, “Let’s say you are running a new marketing campaign and rather than using A/B testing, you have a machine-designed experimentation capability. By leveraging behavioral analytics and an understanding of available marketing assets and execution capabilities, the machine has the ability to create a very high dimensional fabric of possible A/B tests.” (Huffinton Post, January 2016).

With the ability to create thousands of tests that are linked to empirical feedback, machine learning enables to boil down and target those that matter to a specific targeted campaign.

The beauty of machine learning for marketers is that rather than the marketer having to manually design new experiments, the machine discovers the next experiment to execute across behaviors, offers, messages, contexts, execution parameters, etc. and builds new control groups on its own without marketer intervention as Huffington Post’s Olly Downs points out.

Many have the view that machine learning takes the personalisation out of marketing, however, by combining closed loop experimentation and machine learning, you can focus on your strategy by creating your very own ideas and test the impact instead of performing operational tasks. Also, from experience you will see what’s working and what isn’t and determine the true causation of outcomes and communicate your findings to a fellow marketer. Moreover, you can continuously adjust to ensure ongoing optimisation of personalised marketing interactions in order to gain sustainable gains.

Machine learning is definitely a game changer, but in essence, it’s simply all about experimenting using a rigorous and strategic approach to your marketing.

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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 25th January 2015

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