5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 19th April 2016

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26th April 2016

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Hi guys and welcome to another 5:5 digital marketing news round-up. As usual, we will be giving you a snapshot of the latest news in the digital marketing world. Today we  will be looking at an array of stories from highlights from the Facebook F8 Conference to Credit Suisse predict that Instagram is going to have a huge year.


Highlights from the Facebook F8 Conference

Digital Marketing News - F8 2016

Last week Facebook hosted its F8 Conference, a two-day event which took place San Francisco, during which the social media giant shared its work, plans, and visions to move beyond being a “social network” and focus on being a product developer.

Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg revealed some interesting developments. If you missed Facebook’s F8 announcements, below, we have covered some of the highlights that we think fellow marketers should be aware of.

Any Camera for Facebook Live

We all know that Facebook Live is a big deal and as marketers we know how vital video content can be. At the F8 conference it was revealed that any camera can use the video feature. The possibilities are literally endless – imagine using a drone with Facebook Live!

Social VR

The use of VR has been heavily talked about this year across various industries and Facebook is investing serious money into virtual reality – The social media company has even developed a sleek open-source 360-degree camera, which was unveiled at the conference.

Terragraph, ARIES & Aquila

Zuckerberg also mentioned at F8 that Facebook are currently testing out methods for bringing the internet to developing countries. So what exactly is Aquila? Aquila is a drone that can fly at 60,000 feet for months at a time, which sends down internet signals to people below. On-the-ground methods (Terragraph and ARIES) will provide internet connections to people who currently don’t have access.


We’re all familiar with Facebooks’s suggested photo tagging feature which is pretty accurate and are insanely advanced. AI will continue to be a main feature – expect an improved image search as well as generated captions for videos.

Facebook’s Save Feature

Did you know… Facebook has 250 million users who use its “Save” feature every month. At the F8 conference it was revealed that a new button is going to help grow the number of “Save” users. It can be inferred that a Save-prompt feature could become available to Facebook Pages, giving brands an edge in a content-rich environment, which would help weed out the amount of noise that we experience from our newsfeeds.


Mark Zuckerberg’s company is building bots inside its Messenger app. Brands will be able to use bots that give customers through ecommerce experiences, recommend articles, offer customer support, and perform other multiple functions that–until now–would have required a human. Pretty cool eh?

Image source : Xing Magazine


Facebook Instant Articles Is Now Available To All Publishers

Digital Marketing News - Facebook Instant Articles

Continuing with Facebook, Instant Articles has been around for a week now but what’s so special about the feature? In a nutshell, through Instant Articles, users can now access a publisher’s news content without ever worrying about bandwidth limitations.

As mentioned in the Tech Times, Facebook analyzed that users with slower connections in countries like the Philippines, Brazil, and India could access articles 20 – 40 percent more through Instant Articles.

A main goal for Zuckerberg’s company is to provide the best mobile reading experience for people everywhere, no matter where they are in the world or what connection or device they have.

Moreover, the social media giant has also enabled publishers to create branded content through using Instant Articles and share branded posts with a tag indicating the sponsor of the story.

Facebook Instant Articles is linked with third parties such as WordPress, Medium, ShareThis, and many more.

Image Source : Instant Articles


Boaty McBoatface officially tops Royal Research Ship (RRS) #NameOurShip vote

Digital Marketing News - Boaty Mcboatface

The British public has overwhelmingly voted in favour of naming a £200m Royal Research Ship (RRS) ‘Boaty McBoatface’. (The Drum, April 2016)

Boaty McBoatface gained a monumental amount of coverage last month following the Natural Environment Research Council’s (Nerc) #NameOurShip campaign, which asked the public to come up with names for the ship.

The polls closed last Saturday and with over 7,000 choices available for the public to choose, Boaty McBoatface came out on top with 124,109 votes.

This is a great example of how social campaigns can really go viral – BBC Radio Jersey presenter James Hand originally came up with the name. What would you have named the ship?

Image source : Independent


Credit Suisse Says Instagram Is Going to Have a Huge Year

Digital Marketing News - Instagram


Analysts at Credit Suisse expect Facebook will get more than triple what it paid in revenue from the photo sharing app this year alone. (Bloomberg, April 2016).

In addition, their research forecasts that Instagram and premium video will be a big driver for mobile and desktop ad revenue, in addition, ads and video could become more interconnected than ever.

Credit Suisse’s Stephen Ju told Bloomberg that the future, TV commercials could well move to Instagram. “A small number of large advertisers have been allowed to purchase video ads on Instagram that run for as long as 60 seconds (versus 30 seconds prior to February 2016 and versus a 15 second limit for users)–with the likely intent of helping large brands easily migrate their existing offline TV commercials to Instagram.”

When Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook acquired the startup, it had around 30 million users. Monthly active users have now increased to 400 million as of September 2015, topping that of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter. Much of the recent increase in user growth has been outside of the U.S..

The picture sharing app mentioned in a recent blog post that more than 75 per cent of its users live outside of The United States and the last 100 million to join Instagram, half come from Europe and Asia. Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia had the most added users.


A Look At Bing’s New Live Code Editor


Bing may just have beaten Google at its own game by creating its very own live code editor.

So how does it work exactly? If you search for something related to a major programming language via Bing, you’ll now get a live code editor with examples of how to solve your coding issue. In addition, you can edit the code and run it all in-page, with instant feedback! Something I’m guessing all you programmers out there have been wishing for!


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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 19th April 2016

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