5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 15th February 2016

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16th February 2016

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Hi guys and welcome to our third 5:5 Digital Marketing News round-up of the month. As usual we will be covering an array of stories and today will be looking at the latest goings-on at Twitter to investigating whether social media is killing the beautiful game. Like we say in a majority of our blog posts, there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing!

Interest In New Twitter Users Has Gone Down And Wall Street Isn’t Happy

Twitter News

Twitter is once again in a crisis (it now seems to be a regular news item now each week!) once news spread that the micro-blogging platform was changing its timeline (the idea being is to show the most popular tweets rather show the traditional timeline that ordered tweets in chronological order.

Investors who bought shares into Twitter back in 2013 are not happy because they were expecting to see a surge in growth (similar to what Facebook has achieved). Since the companies growth hasn’t been on the same level as par as the Zuck, things are not going so swimmingly for company investors.

CEO Jack Dorsey seems to be at a crossroad here when it comes to making future decisions. Does he push for fundamental changes in how the service works in hopes of dramatically increasing Twitter’s user base, even though big changes might alienate current users and completely destroy the company? (As mentioned in Vox) OR does he improvise with what he currently has by cutting costs and keeping customers happy (as well as keeping Wall Street happy!) It’s fair to say it is definitely a hard time to be the CEO at Twitter right now!

I really like the quote that was used in Vox’s article – “The most popular services tend to be the ones that demand the least from their users”. They’ve hit the nail on the head here. Think about it… On Twitter you have to curate lists follow people have similar interests than you hoping that in return they follow you back from spotting you have something in common. To put it in a philosophical context, and using Voltaire here, that you have to “tend” to your garden in order for your Twitter presence to be cultivated. Moving onto the “Walled-garden” (aka Facebook), where you see who sees your posts or what posts from friends you want to see or hide appeals to many, this prevents sifting through countless pieces of information. This therefore gives Facebook the upper hand when it comes to championing its dominance.

Because of this, Dorsey et al., might have to go back to the drawing board. What are your thoughts on Twitter’s current situation? Do you think they will sink or swim?

Instagram Confirms Multiple Account Switching

Instagram Accounts

At last all you Instagram fans are shouting! It was recently revealed that Instagrammers can now toggle accounts with ease, up to four more accounts can be added to the app (five in total) via the profile settings section.

You’ll receive push notifications for all accounts. It’s worth noting that be aware of which accounts are set to receive notifications if you want to keep those alerts to a minimum.

Also, very similar to if you manage many accounts on Facebook for example, your profile photo will be constantly present in order to remind you of which account you’re using at any given time. That way you won’t accidentally post on the wrong account.

Tumblr promised millennials on a plate, so why didn’t brands bite?

Tumblr Millennials


Search engine giant Yahoo revealed about a fortnight ago that it was going to axe 15% of staff and might have to put itself up for sale.

As mentioned in Marketing Magazine, Yahoo might have have overpaid for Tumblr, a key acquisition driven by chief executive Marissa Mayer.

Back in 2013, Yahoo bought the blogging social site for $1.1 billion Yahoo revealed it had taken a $230m writedown on Tumblr and that the site had missed its revenue target for 2015. (Marketing Magazine, February, 2016)

So where did it all go wrong exactly? It seems most of its user base was on desktop (a total of 57% of their users to be precise and which was indicated by comScore data). In contrast, Tumblr’s competitors such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat have 80% of their users on mobile devices.

Moreover, it seems that Yahoo doesn’t really know what to do with Tumblr. For example, one source quite rightly describes Yahoo and Tumblr as two separate identities. If you have a Yahoo email address you can sign up to Flickr, however, with Tumblr, you can use any email address to sign up to the site. The Yahoo experience is therefore missing.

Even though millennials are their top user base, brands are not taking the bait as Yahoo failed to hit last year’s revenue target.

Is Tumblr in a similar situation to Twitter, will it also sink or swim?

Yandex Rolls Out Mobile Friendly Algorithm

yandex mobile

With the majority of our 5:5 stories we like to add an alternative story or two, and our next story comes from Russia.

Russian search engine Yandex has rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm and will soon be making the changes live in the other countries in which Yandex is used such as Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Similar to what Google’s mobile friendly algorithm does, Yandex’s looks at signals such as easy-to-click links, clear text on small screens and layouts that cater for mobile devices.

Again just like Google, the Russian search engine has created a diagnostics page, which allows webmasters to run their URL through the system to see if it reaches the mobile-friendly criteria.

According to Go-Mash, the main difference between Yandex and Google is that, unlike Google, Yandex wont be necessarily rewarding websites that perform well on mobile but will be taking stern action against those sites that are not mobile optimised.

If you would like to know more about Yandex, check out their blog here.

Is social media killing football as we know it?

football social media

It’s definitely fair to say that social offers a lot for clubs and its supporters but it does have its downsides.

For instance, take the January period when the transfer window is open and you’ll get an array of people speculating the most absurd rumours and the type of Tweeter who pretends to be “in the know”.

From the ridiculous transfer window rumours to fans who love a rant no matter how extreme their views is concerning to an extent. For example, in a previous 5:5, we looked at Arsene Wenger’s view on social in the game and he mentioned that before social media came onto the scene a person(s) view was a bit more isolated, today people think the same way and they become a force.

In addition, you always see some fan at a game who is glued to their phone for 90 minutes and only looks up when they hear a surge of noise from fellow spectators. This one aspect of “modern football” I definitely feel is killing the game.

But are there any positives? A few come to mind such as social media can save clubs. For example La Liga side SD Eibar were saved (after having a lot of debt) from online crowdfunding. Fans or anyone interested in the campaign paid 50 Euros a share. The story was mentioned everywhere on social and football fans from 37 countries bought shares into the tiny La Liga club. The power of social saved the club and as a result and still playing in Spain’s top league.

I could write a thought provoking piece on this issue, however, the idea of our 5:5 digital marketing news stories are meant to be short, so I’ll save it for another time.

I definitely think it is not hard to blame social for a lot of things particularly the way some fans abuse managers and players or blaming it for turning football grounds into “libraries” with fans glued to their phones for the majority of the game. For clubs like SD Eibar, social has been a blessing and has given them a lifeline. What are your thoughts about this topic? Do you think social media is killing the modern game? Or do you think it has become a blessing in disguise for football?


What Are Your Thoughts?

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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 15th February 2016

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