5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 1st February 2016

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2nd February 2016

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Hi guys and welcome to our 5:5 digital marketing news – where we handpick five of our chosen digital marketing stories from the past week. Today we look at what’s new and exciting from Twitter surges on yet another takeover rumour to looking at ANOTHER new social network called Peach. As we always say, there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing!

Twitter surges on yet another takeover rumour

twitter takeover

The news from Wall Street recently was that there has been a 6% rise in Twitter shares after it was announced that VC and well known tweeter Marc Andreessen is interested in teaming up with private equity firm Silver Lake on a deal to buy Twitter.

According to CNN Money, Andreessen and Silver Lake did buy a majority stake in Skype in 2009 from eBay (EBAY) and eventually cashed in by selling it to Microsoft (MSFT). So there is a precedent for them getting the band back together again so to speak.

It’s still not 100% clear if the rumour is just based on their previous purchases, both  Silver Lake and Andreessen’s company Andreessen Horowitz  had no comment. Twitter have also made no comment on the rumour.

What are your predictions about Twitter’s future?


Facebook: News Feed Algorithm More Influenced By User Feedback & Surveys

facebook 2016

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has reminded page owners that asking for likes and clicks isn’t  a good long-term visibility strategy. The social media giant said that they are now focusing on more of the data it collects from in-Feed user surveys and feedback from its Feed Quality Panel.

Facebook have mentioned that their latest change should not impact reach or referral traffic meaningfully for the majority of Pages (as mentioned by Marketing Land’s Matt McGee). However, some pages might see a decline in referral traffic if the rate at which their stories are clicked on does not correspond with users who want to see those stories near the top of their News Feed.

You can read more about the user feedback and surveys here.


Unilever puts a quarter of its overall ad budget into digital marketing

unilever marketing

Unilever’s spend on digital is nudging a quarter of its overall marketing budget, according to chief marketing and communications officer Keith Weed . (Marketing Magazine, January 2016)

In a recent article with Business Insider, Weed mentioned that 24% of its global ad budget, which is in excess of $8bn (£5.6bn), now goes towards digital advertising, in addition, around 50% goes towards promoting their products in The U.S. and China.

The FMCG giant revealed that in its annual results that brand and marketing investment was up 20 basis points in 2015.

In the Business Insider article as well being mentioned in Marketing Magazine, Weed is also pressuring the likes of Facebook Twitter and Google to address “value, viewability and verification”

Weed also stressed that mobile ad experience is “still not great” and believes the industry needs to ensure they are creating high quality, engaging content and that the industry needs to fight against the rise of ad blockers due to the rise of ‘bad ads’.

Image Source : True Sample

A Brief Insight Into Valentine’s Day Searches

valentines day search

Since we are now in February (where has the year gone alerady?!) Valentine’s Day searches are set to begin surging right up to February 14 according to Search Engine Land’s Ginny Marvin.

Data provided from Bing shows key trends on Valentine’s Day-related searches — including gifts, sweets, flowers, restaurants and jewellery — and ad performance to assist marketers’ efforts in winning over consumers this Valentine’s Day.

Ginny mentions in her article that this week will see more activity than last week, but the real surge in searches happens in the final week before Valentine’s Day.


Last year’s search data from Bing indicates that the final-week spike was more dramatic on desktop than on mobile in 2015, desktop searches in the final week (February 8–14) increased by 77 percent, while mobile searches rose by 71 percent from the prior week.

If would like to access Valentine’s Day search data, including ad copy and keyword insights, head over to Bing’s SlideShare here.


Peach The New Social Network Which Is Storming The Tech World

peach social media

Love an alternative social media platform? How about Peach?

Peach is a new, lighthearted app seeking to slide in to the space in our digital lives somewhere between Twitter and Facebook as The Guardian’s Alex Hern puts it.

In a nutshell how does it work? Peach gives you “friends” rather than “followers” (with every connection symmetrical), and leaves profiles and postings generally private, rather than public on the open web. In addition, activity is limited to simple postings, rather than the full postings that we would see on the likes of Facebook and Google Plus for example.

Peach also lets you do all these things with just a few keystrokes, which we like the sound of! For example, type ‘g’ to bring up a search box for gifs; type ‘c’ to bring up a share dialogue for calendar events. Some are even more powerful: type ‘sa’ to switch to Safari – which is ideal for finding a link so you can copy paste it directly into the app.

Just like Facebook, the app is immersed in a privately-owned walled-garden. In essence peach is fun and playful with clever magic words that induce you to share more meta data as David Carroll, a professor of media design at Parsons School of Design in New York mentions in a recent Guardian article.

Want to know more? Click here to watch this Youtube video.

Image Source : Social By Definition

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5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 1st February 2016

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