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Where would we be without ‘the cloud’? Just a few years ago, the ability to store all our resources online was unheard of. Gone are the days of relentless backing up onto USB sticks and external hard drives. Now, we can easily turn on, log in, and open up. Everything from applications to data sets can be available anywhere at any time. Cloud computing is one of the most liberating, efficiency-driving technological forces of our time.

A full online infrastructure for businesses also means that the possibility of remote working has been opened up for a wealth of companies, who can now recruit from the best talent worldwide, rather than from their nearby geographical area. Trust us, that’s how we got such an expert team at TDMB!

We have collected together some of the smartest, most passionate tech enthusiasts that are also expert marketers, to deliver the ultimate marketing service packages to companies in all aspects of technology. This, of course, includes a full working knowledge of cloud computing and its applications. If your company works in cloud computing, we would love to work with you! Find out the ways that we can help you by viewing our Services document.

Download Your Free Cloud Computing Resources eBook

We don’t just offer marketing services, you know. We also want to equip you with all the tools you need to learn everything you can about the world of cloud computing. That’s why we have put together this free cloud computing resources eBook, with an abundance of in-depth information of where to go to soak up as much knowledge as possible about this exciting technology.

What’s In The eBook?

There’s a whole lot to get your teeth into, but just as a few examples, you’ll get:

  • The best conferences and meet-ups to attend
  • A rundown of the leading influencers in cloud computing and where to find them
  • The major books, magazines, blogs and news sites on cloud computing

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