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Reports forecast that the blockchain industry will be worth $7.74bn by 2024. It is, in short, a huge and rapidly growing sector. But what exactly is blockchain?

At a very basic level, blockchain is a digital ledger in which digital currency, legal documents, and data can be chronologically recorded in a way that is tamper-proof. And it has absolutely revolutionary potential.

Hailed as a platform of transparency, truth, and trust, the blockchain is an open-source system which everybody can have access to. The implications of blockchain are set to be world-shaking, particularly for the financial services industry, but also far beyond, affecting every area of society.

The potential power of blockchain is thoroughly exciting. At TDMB, we absolutely thrive on seeing revolutionary technologies gaining momentum in the way that blockchain is. That’s why we’re so enthusiastic about doing our bit to build up the presence of companies working in blockchain. Our range of marketing services, specially honed to cater specifically to technology startups, are designed to help catapult such companies towards success.


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We don’t just offer marketing services, you know. We also want to equip you with all the tools you need to learn everything you can about the world of blockchain. That’s why we have put together this free blockchain resources eBook, with an abundance of in-depth information of where to go to soak up as much knowledge as possible about this exciting technology.

What’s In The eBook?

There’s a whole lot to get your teeth into, but just as a few examples, you’ll get:

  • The best conferences and meet-ups to attend
  • A rundown of the leading influencers in blockchain and where to find them
  • The major books, magazines, blogs and news sites on blockchain

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