Our Guide To The Best Big Data Websites & Blogs

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
5th April 2018

Data is getting bigger and bigger. Is that a good thing or something to be concerned about? The answer is, perhaps, a matter of opinion and perspective.

On the one hand, whilst we are purportedly living in the era of ‘post-truth’, big data promises us a semblance of some objective reality, cutting through the cacophony of ‘fake news’ and spin doctoring with which we are surrounded. On the other hand, brands, banks, businesses and social networks have more information on us than we once imagined possible, and we are powerless as to how they use it.

This is just one of the many issues raised by the modern proliferation of data. New developments and applications are coming to light on an almost daily basis. Keeping track of it all is tricky. That is, if you don’t know where to look.

We have sought high and low to find the absolute best resources online for staying up to date with big data, and this is what we found…


Data Science Central

Data Science Central is the industry’s online resource for big data practitioners. From Analytics to Data Integration to Visualization, Data Science Central provides a community experience that includes a robust editorial platform, social interaction, forum-based technical support, the latest in technology, tools and trends and industry job opportunities.



DataVersity is a huge resource for anyone interested in data… big or otherwise. The site’s categories range from Data Science to Data Governance, Smart Data, Data Modelling, Databases, Data Strategy – you get the picture. New articles are published daily, making it an absolute must for your Bookmarks bar!


Planet Big Data

Planet Big Data is an aggregator of blogs about big data, Hadoop, and related topics. Big data bloggers can submit their content for inclusion and have it featured on the site, making Planet Big Data a great place to find out real opinion and different perspectives at a more ‘grass roots’ level.


Smart Data Collective

Smart Data Collective is a good looking, if somewhat overstuffed, website with a strong emphasis on practical ‘How to…’ content on data insight, blockchain, AI and so on. It is regularly updated, prolific in volume of published articles, and also features podcasts. The site has divided its categories by industry/discipline, such as IT, Marketing and Software. The fact that Smart Data Collective looks a bit overstuffed shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, when you consider the treasure trove of insight it provides.



To quote straight from the horse’s mouth: “Datafloq offers information, insights and opportunities to drive innovation with big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. You can read high-quality articles, find vendors, post jobs, connect with talent, find or publish events and register for our online training.”


Big Data News

Big Data news is an offshoot of Data Science Central, and functions as a sort of community channel for sharing news and blogging about big data. Scrolling through the list of posts, you’ll note that it is updated regularly, but there is little in the way of engagement in terms of ‘comments’ and ‘likes’. Perhaps you could change that?

Aside from this, however, there are also good resources besides shared content by users. Lists of upcoming webinars, a job board, videos, and lists of reading material are also in abundance. It may not look like the sexiest big data website you’ve ever seen, but it may just be one of the most practical.

IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub

Of course, you can expect an IBM Big Data blog to be a handy resource on the topic. Covering use cases of big data, industries, analytics and related technologies, the IBM Big Data blog is regularly updated by different staff contributors, and offers a lively selection of current and engaging news and insight.


ZD Net: Big On Data

Andrew Brust, Tony Baer and George Anadiotis cover Big Data technologies including Hadoop, NoSQL, Data Warehousing, BI and Predictive Analytics. And boy, do they cover it! Wonderful, regularly updated selection of articles from industry experts here.



Yanir Seroussi: Data Science & More

Data science and software engineer, Yanir Seroussi, hosts this blog as a way to pull together all the data science articles he writes from across the web into one place. The content is pretty long and in-depth, so make sure you make a big cup of coffee and get comfortable before you start reading!




Datameer is actually a product; a platform for businesses to harness the power of big data assets. But that’s not what we’re looking at, here. Instead, if you head to their ‘Learn’ section, you’ll find they have an extensive ‘Resources Center’ [sic], a page listing upcoming events and seminars, as well as a regularly updated blog all about – you guessed it – big data!



FlowingData is a learning platform for those interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in big data. You have to become a member to access the full range of learning materials, but there are also plenty of recent blog posts to check out without signing up, as well as tutorials and a lot of links to big data books you might be interested in reading!


Fast Forward Labs

Cloudera Fast Forward Labs is a machine learning intelligence research company that also happens to have a rather delicious big data blog. Many of the posts on the blog are, however, links to good content to read elsewhere online. But surely this isn’t a big issue if it takes you to news you want to read anyway.


Harish Kotadia PhD: Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics Blog

Kotadia is Digital Insights and Big Data Platform Consulting Leader at IBM, so he knows his stuff. Though his blog is not so regularly updated as we might have hoped, what he does have is a good selection of content from elsewhere on the web that might come in handy to read.



Arcadia Data

Like Datameer and Fast Forward Labs, Arcadia sells data insights products. But we aren’t excluding blogs on the basis of where they’re hosted; it’s all about the quality of the content. The Arcadia Data team write very regularly on lots of business intelligence and big data matters, without too much steer towards promoting their own product (just as any good company blog should look, incidentally).


Inside Big Data

Lots and lots of fantastic articles and resources to sink your teeth into here. Whitepapers, articles, special reports, jobs boards, an events calendar, podcasts, videos… we could go on. Suffice to say, this is a real winner of a big data website – certainly worth pinning to that bookmarks bar.


Data Mania

Data Mania is a company run by Lillian Pierson, which delivers training on big data, analytics and data science, as well as influencer marketing services. It’s a beautiful, feminine website that, on first glance, looks like any other blog site, but the big data articles you’ll find beneath all the images of vintage teacups and peonies is really handy.


Cool Data

It’s not exactly regularly updated – maybe every couple of months or so – but what is there will certainly keep you going. Cool Data is a blog run by Kevin MacDonell, Associate Director, Advancement Data & Analysis, in the Office of Advancement, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The posts you’ll find on Cool Data are very long and in-depth (which is probably why MacDonell only finds time to update the blog every few months!) but deliver a lot in the way of insight.


The LoveStats Blog

Annie Pettit PhD FMRIA is a research methodologist and consultant, whose blog is a fantastic place for getting enthusiastic about data and statistics! Of particular note, you’ll find a lovely page full of links to other research blogs that Pettit herself enjoys reading.




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Do you know of any big data websites or blogs that we should be featuring on this list? Perhaps your own deserves a mention? Either way, do please get in touch by emailing michele@thedigitalmarketingbureau.com who will be more than happy to get your name in links!

Our Guide To The Best Big Data Websites & Blogs

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