Our Pick Of The Best Big Data Books

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16th May 2018

Big Data is, as the name makes pretty clear, big. Very big, in fact. Some are saying that the tidal wave of data we are now riding represents part of the biggest revolution in how we live since the advent of the Internet. The power of the data being gathered every single day is not to be underestimated; it affects every single one of us, in a myriad of ways.

From how to leverage the power of Big Data in your company or organisation, to understanding the cultural and societal implications, and how to protect your data from misuse, these books cover it all.

There are plenty of books on the topic, but these are some of our favourites. Let us know if you have read (or written) a really good one you think we should add. Drop Michele an email to talk about adding it in: michele@thedigitalmarketingbureau.com.


Data and Goliath The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World by Bruce SchneierData and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

by Bruce Schneier

New York Times Best Seller, Data and Goliath by security expert Bruce Schneier, offers a path that values both security and privacy. He shows us exactly what we can do to reform our government surveillance programs and shake up surveillance-based business models, while also providing tips for you to protect your own privacy.



THE CULTURE OF BIG DATAThe Culture of Big Data

By Mike Barlow

Big data is not just a technology phenomenon. It has a cultural dimension. It’s vitally important to remember that most people have not considered the immense difference between a world seen through the lens of a traditional relational database system and a world seen through the lens of a Hadoop Distributed File System.This paper broadly describes the cultural challenges that accompany efforts to create and sustain Big Data initiatives in an evolving world whose data management processes are rooted firmly in traditional data warehouse architectures.


NUMBERSENSENumbersense: How to Use Big Data to Your Advantage

By Kaiser Fung

In Numbersense, expert statistician Kaiser Fung explains when you should accept the conclusions of the Big Data “experts” – and when you should say, “Wait . . . what?” He delves deeply into a wide range of topics, offering the answers to important questions.

Numbersense gives you the insight into how Big Data interpretation works, and how it too often doesn’t work. You won’t come away with the skills of a professional statistician. But you will have a keen understanding of the data traps even the best statisticians can fall into, and you’ll trust the mental alarm that goes off in your head when something just doesn’t seem to add up.


THE ANALYTICS REVOLUTIONThe Analytics Revolution: How to Improve Your Business By Making Analytics Operational In The Big Data Era

By Bill Franks

The Analytics Revolution delves into the requirements for laying a solid technical and organizational foundation that is capable of supporting operational analytics at scale, and covers factors to consider if an organization is to succeed in making analytics operational.

Along the way, you’ll learn how changes in technology and the business environment have led to the necessity of both incorporating Big Data into analytic processes and making them operational. The book cuts straight through the considerable marketplace hype and focuses on what is really important. The book includes:

  • An overview of what operational analytics are and what trends lead us to them
  • Tips on structuring technology infrastructure and analytics organizations to succeed
  • A discussion of how to change corporate culture to enable both faster discovery of important new analytics and quicker implementation cycles of what is discovered
  • Guidance on how to justify, implement, and govern operational analytics


analytics in big data worldAnalytics in a Big Data World: The Essential Guide to Data Science and its Applications

By Bart Baesens

The guide to targeting and leveraging business opportunities using Big Data and analytics

By leveraging Big Data and analytics, businesses create the potential to better understand, manage, and strategically exploiting the complex dynamics of customer behaviour. Analytics in a Big Data World reveals how to tap into the powerful tool of data analytics to create a strategic advantage and identify new business opportunities. Designed to be an accessible resource, this essential book does not include exhaustive coverage of all analytical techniques, instead focusing on analytics techniques that really provide added value in business environments.

The book draws on author Bart Baesens’ expertise on the topics of Big Data, analytics and its applications in e.g. credit risk, marketing, and fraud to provide a clear roadmap for organizations that want to use data analytics to their advantage, but need a good starting point. Baesens has conducted extensive research on Big Data, analytics, customer relationship management, web analytics, fraud detection, and credit risk management, and uses this experience to bring clarity to a complex topic.


big data best practiceBig Data: Principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems

By Nathan Marz

This book teaches you to build Big Data systems using an architecture designed specifically to capture and analyze web-scale data. It presents the Lambda Architecture, a scalable, easy-to-understand approach that can be built and run by a small team. You’ll explore the theory of Big Data systems and how to implement them in practice. In addition to discovering a general framework for processing Big Data, you’ll learn specific technologies like Hadoop, Storm, and NoSQL databases.

This book requires no previous exposure to large-scale data analysis or NoSQL tools. Familiarity with traditional databases is helpful.


TOO BIG TO IGNOREToo Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data

By Phil Simon

In Too Big to Ignore, recognized technology expert and award-winning author Phil Simon explores the massive amounts, new types, and multifaceted sources of information streaming at us faster than ever. Never before have we seen data with the volume, velocity, and variety of today. Big Data is no temporary blip of fad. In fact, it is only going to intensify in the coming years, and its ramifications for the future of business are impossible to overstate.

Too Big to Ignore explains why Big Data is a big deal. Simon provides commonsense, jargon-free advice for people and organizations looking to understand and leverage Big Data. Rife with case studies, examples, analysis, and quotes from real-world Big Data practitioners, the book is required reading for chief executives, company owners, industry leaders, and business professionals.


big data at workBig Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities

By Thomas H Davenport

Davenport explains what Big Data means—and why everyone in business needs to know about it. Big Data at Work covers all the bases: what Big Data means from a technical, consumer, and management perspective; what its opportunities and costs are; where it can have real business impact; and which aspects of this hot topic have been oversold.

This book will help you understand:

  • Why Big Data is important to you and your organization
  • What technology you need to manage it
  • How Big Data could change your job, your company, and your industry
  • How to hire, rent, or develop the kinds of people who make Big Data work
  • The key success factors in implementing any Big Data project
  • How Big Data is leading to a new approach to managing analytics

With dozens of company examples, including UPS, GE, Amazon, United Healthcare, Citigroup, and many others, this book will help you seize all opportunities—from improving decisions, products, and services to strengthening customer relationships. It will show you how to put Big Data to work in your own organization so that you too can harness the power of this ever-evolving new resource.


The Hthe human face of big datauman Face of Big Data

By  Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt

The images and stories captured in The Human Face of Big Data are the result of an extraordinary artistic, technical and logistical juggling act aimed at capturing the human face of the Big Data Revolution. The Human Face of Big Data captures, in glorious photographs and moving essays, an extraordinary revolution sweeping, almost invisibly, through business, academia, government, healthcare and everyday life.



Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think

By  Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier

Since Aristotle, we have fought to understand the causes behind everything. But this ideology is fading. In the age of Big Data, we can crunch an incomprehensible amount of information, providing us with invaluable insights about the what rather than the why.

In this groundbreaking and fascinating book, two of the world’s most-respected data experts reveal the reality of a Big Data world and outline clear and actionable steps that will equip the reader with the tools needed for this next phase of human evolution.


We hope you have found this list useful as a way to expand your bookshelf and your knowledge about Big Data. Indeed, there is a lot to learn, and we believe this lot will give you a good start. As we said at the start, though, if you know of any books you think should be appearing on this list but are missing, do drop Michele an email to talk about getting it up there: michele@thedigitalmarketingbureau.com.


Our Pick Of The Best Big Data Books

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