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They started by counting our friends: Facebook has turned us into nondividuals

Posted on: 29 Jan 2018

Social media was invented well before Mark Zuckerberg introduced the world to Facebook, but his company did, undeniably, master the

7 Lessons from humans on making AI music that means something

Posted on: 24 Jan 2018

As advanced technology increases its presence in our world, we are seeing more and more industries, sectors and arts be

Blockchain sexual assault app: Should we expect, or even trust, technology to solve the pandemic?

Posted on: 15 Jan 2018

In Sweden, the government is proposing new legislation that demands people obtain “verbal agreement or clearly demonstrated desire to engage

When It Comes To AI Lie Detection, The Truth Is Overrated

Posted on: 11 Jan 2018

For years now, there have been people out there working on AI lie detection, trying to enable computers to identify when

Big Data and Penny Chews

Posted on: 14 Dec 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I met with Richard Belgrave, Head of Europe at LEVERTON, a company who use artificial

Cybersecurity is just like the fight against knife crime

Posted on: 07 Dec 2017

America has a new Department of Homeland Security. Her name is Kirstjen Nielsen and she won the position thanks largely

AI Researchers Are Being Poached – Who’s Ensuring the Safety of the Human Race?

Posted on: 23 Nov 2017

The universities around the UK that have been a driving force behind the recent rise of Artificial Intelligence are being

Machine Learning: The difference between knowledge and understanding

Posted on: 01 Nov 2017

Machine Learning can, in theory, and increasingly in practice, compose music, recognise faces, identify smells, write prose; paint. But will

When will Augmented Reality fulfil the promises it has made? And how much will it cost?

Posted on: 25 Oct 2017

Augmented reality company, Magic Leap, has received a further $502 million in investment which, when added to the $1.4 billion

Coca-Cola: Big Data Pioneers

Posted on: 21 Sep 2017

Coca-Cola is one of the world’s most recognisable brands. With 500 products, served in over 200 countries, the soft-drinks colossus