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POSTED BY   Jonathan Wood
17th July 2017
AR & VR Review


Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend and you’re all raring to get Monday going!

I had a great weekend, my partner Gem surprised me with a sneaky night away in London which was a total surprise, a well-deserved break from all the hustle and bustle, however, it’s Monday and it’s time to get going again.

I hope you all enjoy this week’s review even if it is one day later than usual!

Let’s get started, shall we…


1.The Most Socially-Shared VR Story Of The Week

Researchers at the Vaccine Research Center in Maryland, United States are using Virtual Reality to examine diseases to search for their weak spots.

Sounds cool right, in theory, it allows the researcher a tour of the disease in immense detail, its purpose is to help make a vaccine or drug for the set disease.

It’s early days but this state-of-the-art approach could lead to a universal flu vaccine—as opposed to today’s seasonal variety, millions of lives could be saved worldwide.


2. The Most Socially-Shared AR Story Of The Week

I have to say this looks and sounds awesome.

I am generally excited to be writing about this and I cannot wait to try it! If you are a fan of Star Wars and you’ve always wondered what it would it be like to be Luke Skywalker holding the almighty lightsaber in your hand then it looks like your dreams are about to come true.

Lucasfilm and Lenovo have teamed up to make “headgear” a brand new headset powered by your smartphone, there’s not much info on it yet but the fact that you can engage in battles and have Jedi challenges is enough of reason to be excited.

3. The Rise Of AR, AI, Robotics

I really like this infographic because It show’s how we are constantly innovating, it just blows my mind when you think back to even the early – mid 90’s and then looks at today and how far we’ve come and the power we have at our fingertips.

It’s getting to that point where we can actually prevent illnesses before they happen.



5. Is Virtual Reality Gaming The Next Big Video Game

As an avid Gamer, this is a really interesting topic for me but I have to say I am very much undecided at this point of time in the direction I think gaming should be going.

There are basically two options on the table at moment. 1. Fully immersed game play where your body motions control the character. 2. A controller of some type, more in line with today’s consoles.

I’m personally a bit torn on which one I would choose given a choice, I mean UFC with me controlling the flow of punches and kicks with my own body sounds pretty awesome and what a workout! However, you will need a large open space to even consider it. So perhaps it makes sense to stick to the traditional controllers whilst still being immersed in chaotics environments and desolate wastelands?

It’s too early to say which direction it will go in but the market is moving fast and Sony and Microsoft are definitely working to bring VR gaming to the masses.


5How Virtual Reality Helps Older Adults

This weeks care story is all about older adults who cannot travel or attend family events, the real world can become very small and stifling if you are not able to get around.

But they may be able to escape their isolation to a degree through virtual reality, we are now able to create artificial worlds that could be used to make someone feel as if they were in their favourite place, a beach or even on a rollercoaster, the point is no one has to feel confined as help is available.

Rendever is a company that specialises in creating virtual reality (or VR) for older adults by using algorithms that convert 360 panoramic photos.



I really enjoy writing my weekly reviews, as I have always been passionate about technology and the benefits it can bring. It’s great that I can bring this passion to my day job, as head of business development for TDMB.

As some of you may already know, we’re a marketing firm based in Surrey. I am pleased to say that we are doing some great work in the VR and AR space, as well as other exciting technology sectors as well, such as AI and blockchain technology and 3D printing tech.

If, by any chance, you’re interested in talking about your company’s digital marketing strategy in the world of tech, please get in touch.

The whole team are techie evangelists at heart, with a strong background in digital marketing. Together, our aim is to bring our skills and our passion together and do our bit to make great tech companies shine.

If you’re interested in AI, my colleague Michele, our Head Content Strategist, produces an amazing weekly review. If you’d like to sign up please email –

Also, James, our Founder, writes one of the best PropTech reviews in the space. To sign up please visit –

Enjoy your week, whatever you’re up to!

Catch up soon.


Your Weekly AR & VR Review

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