A New Meaning to “Sketching Out Ideas”

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
26th March 2014

SKETCHYet another exciting Augmented Reality development has arrived and this one’s for designers, developers and engineers. It’s called Gravity 3D – a sketchpad which automatically and directly brings drawings to life using AR capabilities. This device places your sketches into the space right in front of you away from screens and 2D other methods. This aims to enable better visualisation and spatial awareness of your ideas and can aid conceptualisation to overall inspire the uninspired.

The device itself is nondescript, light and unassuming – not at all tantamount to its capabilities. It’s small enough to fit into a briefcase or laptop case which makes it perfect for ideas ‘on the move’. This device goes above and beyond the normal tools for drawing and fuels creativity by bringing ideas to life right from the start. Features include, plane and orientation adjustment of objects during the building process, which more depth and visual appreciation.

At present, only demos have been created by the design team of just 4, who only received a patent in February of this year. Consequently, only limited information is available at this stage, but this snippet of what’s to come is very exciting for the design and AR community alike. We expect more developments like this in the not so distant future!

A New Meaning to “Sketching Out Ideas”

Michele Baker

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