Google Glass Could Save Lives

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
20th April 2014

In the last few years developers have started to introduce more and more augmentedGG reality medical apps for smart phones and tablets. In August 2013 doctors used AR, via an iPad, during live liver surgery. They hovered the iPad over the patients body, in order to view a virtual 3D model of the structure of all internal organs, arteries and blood vessels. As revolutionary as this was, the assistant still had to hold the iPad up during the surgery, thus it was not completely hands-free.

This is where Google Glass could change the medical world forever. If surgeons wore these glasses, enabling them to view the entire structure of the body under the skin, this could not only reduce the number of surgical errors, but save time and money when people go under the knife. Knowing about the problem beforehand could prevent unnecessary procedures and guide the necessary ones to faster and more successful conclusions. This could also prevent surgeons having to step into the unknown

There are other areas of the health sector that can and will benefit from AR and GGGG 2 too. For example, electronic health records, which are typically stored on PCs, could soon been viewed on Google Glass via EHR apps. Thus, allowing the wireless access of patient records by doctors and nurses, which would be particularly useful around busy and large hospitals. Again, saving valuable time and enabling them to treat patients more quickly and efficiently. This has already been happening at a medical centre in Boston and they claim GG helped to save a man’s life in January!

A further development of AR and GG concerns automated personal health care. This can be used in the home by the patient as Google Glass can remind people of appointments, to take pills, exercise or even track behaviour relating to dementia throughout the day. Effectively GG could become a method of diagnosis for people and they won’t even need to leave their home.

These are prime examples of how so many industries and organisations can benefit from AR and Google Glass, and all that it has to offer. It is expanding into so many sectors and arenas and aims transform everyday life. It is the future.

Google Glass Could Save Lives

Michele Baker

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